Fixing Jailbroken iPod Touch, iPhone Problems

Wow. Wowwww. That was kinda scary.

So, my iPod Touch was running jailbroken firmware (version 2.1) was in need of an update to firmware 2.2. Apparently, you need to be running unjailbroken firmware version 2.2 to jailbreak it. So, I just thought it would be as simple as going into iTunes and restoring my iPod’s software to the new version.

I was stupid enough to forget that iTunes rejects blatantly jailbroken devices, such as mine. Duhr. Naturally, it told me my iPod could not be restored, and it spat some error message at me before disconnecting my iPod to my computer. On top of this, it told me there was a problem with the software used to connect my iPod to my computer (it had told me this before, but I hadn’t noticed any problems with it). I know there are a lot of people with my problem, so I thought I’d share what I did.

Here is my fix:

  • Step 1: Close everything and restart your computer. Believe it or else, this often fixes problems. See if  your iPod connects now. No? Go to step 2.
  • Step 2: If you’re running Windows Vista, hit Start, and type in “Services” in the start bar, and run the program that pops up. If you’re in Windows XP, hit start, click on run (or, if you’re a pro, hold down the windows key and hit r), and type in “services.msc” to bring up the Windows Services manager. Not sure if there’s something like this for Mac’s… sorry. From here, you’ll want to find “Apple Movile Device” and “iPod Service.” Once you’ve found these, right click them and select “Restart.” A little dialogue will appear telling you Windows is trying to stop and start the service. Nothing too crazy. Once you’re done, close the window, open iTunes, and plug in your iPod. See if it showes up. Still no good? Keep reading.
  • Step 3: The last thing I did was I made sure my version of iTunes was up to date. You can do this by opening iTunes, clicking the “Help” menu, and selecting the “Check for Updates” option. If there’s an update, download and install it (it will ask you to restart your computer at the end, so be ready for that). After the restart, re-open iTunes, and try plugging your iPod in again. Still frustrated? Read step 4.
  • Step 4: This is the last thing I had to do before I could connect my iPod: I just reinstalled iTunes. Hit Start, click Control Pannel, and (in Vistas) select Programs and Features. In Windows XP, select Add and Remove Programs.Scroll down a bit untill you see iTunes. When you select it, you will be asked if you want to uninstall it, change its installed files, or repair the installation. If you want, you can repair it first and see if that helps. I just uninstalled it altogether. You then have to redownload iTunes and install it again. After this, plug in your iPod. Your iPod should be recognised as an “iPod that needs to be restored.”

From this point on, I’ll assume your iPod can be connected to iTunes. Do not, for whatever reason, just click the restore button. Trust me, you’ll have to redo everything you just did, because you will wind up with the same error message. Instead, you need to put your iPod into DFU mode. I can’t honestly tell you that I have any idea what that stands for. So, you’ll need a stopwatch, unless you have a fairly good sense of time.

  • Plug in your iPod if you haven’t already. Make sure it shows up in iTunes.
  • Hold down both the menu and the lock buttons for 10 seconds (this is where the stopwatch comes in). The screen will shut off, and the device will disappear from iTunes
  • Let go of the lock button, but keep holding down the home button for another 20-30 seconds (or until the iPod appears in iTunes again). Your iPod’s screen should still be off. If it is on, you’ve done it wrong, and need to start at the first step again (i.e. hold down both the menu and lock buttons…)

Once your iPod is in DFU mode, you can restore/update as you please. Heck, you could probably install 1.1.1 if you really wanted to, although that would be stupid. Another secret: in Windows, if you hold down the shift key while you hit the restore button, you can pick a file to restore from. So, if you downloaded a different firmware than the latest one, or if you have a custom firmware file, you can select that file and install from that. Works like a charm.

I sincerely hope no one else has the same [swears loudly] problem I had.

  • 8ball21

    I have a 2g ipod touch and it is messed up big time, one day i was downloading an app and suddenly it looked as if it were going to restart but it stayed on the apple logo. and it turns on and off and always stops at apple logo. i feel like your steps kind of worked but my itunes still doesnt recognise my ipod.

    • Salem

      try using ih8sn0w's iREB program, or try a different computer. do you need a

  • Will O

    I have a massive problem! yayyyy :( Basically, my ipod died. It is a 2ed gen 8gb that is jailbroken with blackrain. All of my app icons dissapeared, but when i looked into my system files, the app files were still there. I messed around a bit, and then tryed to uninstal my jailbreak with blackrain. From there, my ipod shut down. When it attempts to restart, it stays in the apple sign and does not restart. I have tryed to restore it, but it is not recognized by either “My Computer” or itunes. HELP ME!

  • Mateo

    I'm Just wondering but I heard that when you jailbreak an iPod touch you have to run Blackra1n to charge it. If you restore your iPod touch will can you charge it anywhere or what?

    • Salem

      You've heard incorrectly: on SOME versions of the iPod Touch, you needed to
      have it plugged in to restart it, or turn it on. Again, it depends on your
      model of iPod, but the newer, ih8sn0w jailbreak fixes this restraint.

      • Adrian

        i have tried puting in in dfu mode and restoring but i still get error 14? HELP, my phone was had blackrain and cydia on it, i only just got it….

        • Salem

          Download's iREB to hey rid of restore errors, and tell me
          how that works.

  • ricky foster

    hi my friend jailbroke my ipod 3.0 using blackra1n and then i gone and restored it and know it wont turn back on it only tells me to plug into itunes (restore mode) then ive done all your methods and nothing so please help me out despirate just not long baught it thanx for your time

    • Salem

      First off, you plug it into iTunes, and then what happens? And have you
      tried DFU mode? If it's in dfu mode, your device's screen will be totally
      off, but your computer will recognize it.

  • Neilio101010

    i jailbroke my i pod with blackra1n and i shut my i pod off and i turned it back on and it requested i tunes does this mean all of the stuff that i dowloaded from cydia will be deleted?

    • Salem

      if you have jailbroken apps, and didnt back them up with “ROCK” or
      something, you have to manually re-download and re-install all of them, yes.

  • dean

    my ipod touch 2g 8gig is constantly asking to contact port 80 and if ill allow connection or disallow what do i do to fix it because its getting extremlly annoying

    • Salem

      thats the first I've heard of THAT problem. Port 80 is for http, or any web
      page you'd typically browse. Turn off any firewall or filter app and see if
      that works.

  • harsha2COOOL


    • Salem

      Haha in all seriousness, scroll up to the part on “Putting your iPod in DFU
      mode,” and do that, for lack of better terms.

  • Matt R




    • Salem

      It's not that it sends information to apple, it's that it has certain
      checks built into iTunes that prevent jailbroken devices from
      restoring properly. Try iREB and DFU mode before this fix.

  • jhonny 1564

    didt work man

    • Salem

      Well, what happened? Post your response in the forum section (there's
      a link in the upper-left hand side of this page)

  • dude

    my ipod has the newest jailbreak and my pc wont let me download the firmware 3.1.3 noting that I want to UNjailbreak my ipod

    • Salem

      wait, can you not GET the 3.1.3 firmware from the internet to your computer,
      or from your computer to your iPod?

  • Prashanth_den

    Hey i’ve don a dumb thin wid my pod … I by mistake tuk my pod 2 d beach n salt water wen in it … Even more dumber thin was dat instead of switchin it off (it was still workin!! ) I started usin it n it abruptly shut off …. L8r wen i tried 2 switch it on …. It got stuck on d itunes logo …
    N yeah … i’ve jailbroken my pod wid spirit ….
    My pod’s still gtin detected in itunes which asks 4 restore which i can’t …
    My pod’s a 3rd gen on 3.1.3 MC model ….
    Plzzzzz Help … 1st of all … m nt even sure if its a hardware or a software prob as it was exposed 2 water …

    • Salem

      It sounds like, since the error came AFTER the saltwater, it is a hardware
      issue. But what does happen when you try and restore?

      • Prashanth Den

        One more thin …. I’ve already tried DFU mode … D regular recovery mode …
        iReb dos’nt cum for 3rd gen ….. Cant rejailbreak it as well … obviously …
        Also tried reinstallin itunes n reconnectin … Nothin workd so far …
        Sumver i read he cud restore his pod wid code error 28 by repeated restorin …
        So doin d same thin over n over again rite now …

      • Prashanth Den

        Sry cud nt reply sooner …. Anyways … When i try to restore it …. It gos upto d point at which it prepares d ipod 4 restore …. L8r it gives a error code 28 … I searched quite a lot 4 dat error code … most of em said its a hardware …. Btw a few of d golden fingers of d cable port hav turnd green … is it supposed 2 b like dat … tried cleanin it … a lil success …
        Is der any way i can jst force restore it ???? Even if its unstable , Dos'nt matter… i've still gt d warranty 4 dat … dey'd obviously not agree 2 repair a jailbroken pod rite …
        N is der any 3rd party application thro which i can perform a restore 4 my pod ????

        • Salem

          there are no 3rd party apps to restore, as far as I know. You might want to
          try a different cable, if you can borrow one from a friend or something.
          Hell, I'd lend you one, but I don't know where you live and I don't like to
          mail things to people I don't know. And if you dropped it in water, chances
          are the warranty will NOT cover it. They have sensors inside them that
          change color when they come in contact with water.

          • Prashanth Den

            Ha ha … I live in b’lore … Anyways … I’l try it myself … N thanx 4 d info … Din no bout d water sensors …. So any hope 4 me 2 force restore it ???? Jst desperate 4 it … N jst askin … Wud d apple ppl seize d pod if dey find it jailbroken or sumthin ??? Its illegal rite …
            Or shud i go 2 a local repair person if dat wud help !!!!!!!!

          • Prashanth Den

            N by sayin d cable port … I meant at d bottom of d ipod ….. Nt d cable … Anyways i’l try a diff cable as well …. :)

          • Prashanth Den

            N by sayin d cable port … I meant at d bottom of d ipod ….. Nt d cable … Anyways i'l try a diff cable as well …. :)

          • Salem

            oh… green? That sounds like… well, it sounds like rust, or something
            like that. And that means that it'll be hard for current to pass through
            those connectors.

  • Prashanth_den

    Plzzzz reply fast …….

    • Salem

      Did I miss your question?


    THANK YOU SO MUCH u are hailed ty!!!!!! =)

    • Salem

      Haha no problem.

  • Ljg

    i jailbroke my ipod and got some stuff of ROCK then it said it needs to reboot then it does but then it needs to be pluged into itunes if i plug it in will it unjailbrack it or get the stuff of?
    because it says its in recovery mode and it will be restored but if i click the x button on the top it still says it needs to be plugged into itunes?
    what should i do?

    • Salem

      if it says it's in recovery mode, you've done something horribly wrong, I'm
      afraid. You'll lose your jailbreak and any apps you've downloaded, and
      you'll have to start fresh. There are various ways to get out of recovery
      mode, but they tend to be unstable or outdated, and this way you'll be on
      the latest version. Besides, Spirit jailbreak is INCREDIBLY easy. (….)

  • Quadman30802

    dude this worked fucken amazing..i tried to just fix the i tunes before uninstalling it and that doesnt work. but i followed the rest of your steps and my i pod that has been out of commission for 3 months is now up and running thanks alot bro

    • Salem

      no problem. I love to see comments like that. If you need any other help,
      just tell me and I'll be happy to give you a hand.

  • Quadman30802

    alright so after doing all of this shit and everything…it updated it back to original firmware which is like 2.1.1 or something and it gave me the option to update it. so i did and now im in the same spot i was before i used your steps do you kno y it did this?

  • Quadman30802

    dude this worked fucken amazing..i tried to just fix the i tunes before uninstalling it and that doesnt work. but i followed the rest of your steps and my i pod that has been out of commission for 3 months is now up and running thanks alot bro

  • Salem

    no problem. I love to see comments like that. If you need any other help,
    just tell me and I'll be happy to give you a hand.

  • Chris

    Thank you.
    I made the same stupid mistake as you.
    I did everything and pressed the shift key to install 3.1.2, instead of 3.1.3
    Thanks so much mate.

  • C-todd-2

    every time i try going into dfu mode i get to the point where im holding the home button alone and the fucking thing turns back on! excuse my language

  • C-todd-2

    nevermind hahah i got it hahah thanks man omg i love you but not in that gay way… well maybe a little bit… nawhhh but seriously thank you sooooooo much man

    • Salem

      Haha I'm glad you got it. I laughed so damn hard at your comments. What did
      you do differently?

  • Lalalala

    I jailbroke my iPod touch I had 3rd generation and I didn't like it so I restored it now for sum reason it's 4th generation and everytime I plug it up to sync it says error :( help I can't put music or
    Photos nothin on there

    • Salem

      did you restore to the 4.0 firmware? and is it jailbroken?

  • Jaleelsally

    your a fucking genius thanks bro

    • Salem

      no problem, mate. :D

  • Ztrzacky

    thank you so much it worked !

    • Salem

      I'm glad it worked for you!

  • Zac2814

    ok so i have a 3.1.3 jailbroken iPod using spirit and my friend cleared my data by guessing my passcode wrong and now it wont turn on!!!!

    • Salem

      if someone enters an incorrect passcode too many times, the most it will do
      is lock you out for a period of time. If it's not turning on, that means
      that there's something else wrong with your iPod.

  • Montypink

    OMG thankyou sooooooo much for helping me, i did the services step and it worked, i am sooo happy thankyou thankyou thankyou

    • Salem

      I'm so glad i got that you got it working! It seriously makes my day to see
      that someone has fixed their iPod with my tutorial.

  • Zachr3

    dude i love you!!!! this worked the first try!! thank you so much!

    • Salem

      Any time! Drop a comment or send me an email if you ever get stuck again.

  • Babydoll6369

    Please HELP me!! I have a jailbroken ipod touch 2g and I don't know much about this kind of stuff…well, I downloaded itunes and could not get my computer to recognize this device At ALL…I tried all your steps….WELL,,,,then I went into settings and completely restored the ipod to all factory settings and now the ipod does absolutely NOTHING but show a black screen with the apple and then the little circle thingy starts to move under the apple and then completely freezes…..I am in tears now because I think I COMPLETELY broke it now. I have uninstalled itunes and reinstalled itunes and did all of the things you listed to try but no luck. If someone as stupid as me restores a jailbroken ipod am I most likely going to have to just kiss my $125 bucks and the ipod Goodbye???? Please help me if you are able! :) Thank you very much.


    • Salem

      Ahhh don't cry. Alright, did you ever restore your iPod in dfu mode?
      And what happens in iTunes now if you just plug your iPod in, turn it
      on, and do nothing else?

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  • Katie

    Thank you so much. This worked for my ipod touch 3rd generation. It has been messing up for about a month with so many error codes and I tried many restores. It would cut off when using it, battery would not hold charge. The screen would go out and have wiggerly lines across it. The apple would turn yellow-green. I have had so many proplems with this ipod. I have only owned it for 6 months. Did not take out insurance on it, so I was stuck after paying $299.00. You are my hero. Thanks. A++++ and Thumbs UP!

    • Salem

      Haha seriously, you have no idea how good it feels when I get responses like
      yours. If you ever need any help, drop a comment or send me an email, and
      I'll be sure to help.

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  • Dasboshcitt


    • Salem

      haha any time, seriously. Just post a comment if you need anything.

  • panda

    thats sounds a little bit complacated. I want to jailbreak my ipod, but im afriad it will make my ipod never work agian. But if that happens, ill try what you said, with my brothers help. I hope it works. im really afraid it might not. :/

    • Salem

      yeah, this isn't a tutorial on how to JAILBREAK your iPod. What iPod do you
      have? Because you can always use, which is really easy, but
      it depends on your firmware.


    mine came up with an error message, 1611

    • Salem

      Were you in DFU mode? and what device do you have?

  • Bdog

    Thank you so much. I tried to get rid of the jailbreak by restoring my ipod through the settings. It made it so the ipod wouldn't start up and it would freeze on the apple sign. Then I tried this and it fixed my jailbroken ipod on ios4. If you want to unjailbrake your iphone or ipod make sure you restore through itunes not through the settings or it will just crash.

    • Salem

      yeah, absolutely. If you want a clean install, you definitely need to go
      through your computer.

  • Gooo

    i did till step 2 . and im restoring my jailbroken ipod touch :) thankyousomuch :)

    • Salem

      no problem :D I'm glad you got it working.

  • best registry cleaner

    If you have upgraded your iTunes to version 9.2 you may have run into the problem that your computer no longer recognizes your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

    • Salem

      That is true, good catch.

  • Rachel_dsantos

    i tried it, but it went back to dfu mode.

    I got the 1611 error too. Please help? Oh and just a side, its jailbroken. Firmware 3.1.2

    • Salem

      Which version iPod Touch? And did you try iREB? (Also, do you mean it went

      back to restore mode? You want to be in DFU mode to restore).

  • jessica

    thank you so much i tried other stuff and it didnt seem to work i have an ipod 2g and it is jailbroken too

    • Salem

      im glad my stuff helped you out!

  • Stephen

    Hi, my friend gave me his iTouch and it was jailbroken and I didn't know if you updated it it would break. I've followed all your steps so far but they haven't worked. I've tried Firmwares 2.1.1 3.1.2 and 4.0.1 I'm not really sure what they are since I've never owned an iTouch before and only when I try to restore with the 2.1.1 I get a White Screen on the iTouch and iTunes asks me to install this CD which I don't have. Any suggestions? A friend said try 1.1.4 but I'm not sure if that will work need help please !

    • Salem

      noooo no no don't try 1.1.4. That's really, really old. First of all, can

      you tell me what kind of iPod Touch this is?

  • Piravin

    Can someone please help me jailbreak break my ipod touch 3rd generation, i think my firmware version is 4.1 and it wud be appreciated if someone could find me a safe jailbreak link that is compatible with my ipod touch

  • larzzzzz

    so far so good!!!!!

    omg i love you! hahahahaha

    • Salem

      Hahaha thank you :D Your love is greatly appreciated.

  • popoligo

    before we hold the lock button and the home button, should the ipod be shut off or be on?

    • Salem

      It should be on. When you plug it into your computer, it should turn on.

  • James_o

    it works

    • Salem

      Good to hear!

  • Air_jordan


    • Salem

      No problem :D I'm *really* glad to hear it worked.

  • Nappyboy413

    my ipod touch is jailbroken and i put on the drizzy drake theme and the screen goes black when i open it there's an unlock scrren but after i unlock it, the apps go up and theres nothin on the screen please help if you can, email [email protected]

    • Salem

      Well, what app are you using to add this theme? Winterboard? You do know

      that the new firmware (4.0) allows for wallpapers, right?

  • Aron

    hi salem…ive tried to restore my jailbroken ipod …everything goes on well until itunes start verifying the update with the apple and then gives an error that apple does not verify or that kind of statement and ipod still remains in restore mode..i'm stuck ..please help me out !

  • TmichaelK

    I've had my Ipod for a mow an I have to say that I love it. I don't see why so many people are heaving problems, I'd have to say poor maintenance an inexperienced user's Just like your computer your ipod needs to be maintenance d Every company in the entire world want your business because they can sell toy so many problem solver's books. ipods for dummies books.I wish all of you the best.

    • Salem

      Haha they tend to work fine. People sometimes jailbreak their devices and do

      something wrong, which is how they get these problems. Thanks for the

      supportive words, though!

  • Jonahsanders1997

    i downloaded a theme from cydia and now when i touch my ipod it wont do anything

    • Salem

      Can you get into winterboard and uninstall it?

  • Mlambird

    DFu isnt working when i get to that part in step 4!!!!!!!!!! (this is on an ipod touch 4th gen 64 gb)

    • Salem

      Ahh I don't think they have a reliable non-tethered jailbreak for newer iPod

      Touches. Rumor has it something in the newer 4G's blocks typical jailbreaks.