Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

I just thought this video was too good to pass up.



To be honest, I’ve never seen stop animation quite like this.

Let me know what you guys think. I personally have never heard of this artist before, but he looks like he’s worth investigating. You can check out his myspace here, and his iTunes page here.

For the record, the video above is in high quality, so the song plays better (trust me, its worth letting it load). If you’re anxious, view the original quality version here.

  • http://mikeboylan.com Mike Boylan

    Very, very cool man. Thanks for sharing. He’s a pretty good artist. I like this song, anyway. One tip: don’t make an embedded video a link. Every time I went to pause/play it, it opened it again in my browser. >.<

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  • Megan

    hey! i sO! watched this a couple days ago it was on youtube’s home page when I went to go play love story =p haha.
    but i thought this was soooo cool! i ended up sending it to a couple friends. it’s weird… but still cool. i ended up looking at a bunch of his other vids which arn’t bad either.

  • Badnan

    very very cool stuff