I hope.

I’d like to sincerely wish President Obama (who will, in all likelyhood, never see this post) a safe, strong, and successful term as President of the United States.

I hope he remains to be the elloquent leader he has proven himself to be thus far, and that he helps to pull this country back out of the economic pit it has fallen into. 

I hope he brings everyone home safely, and keeps them home.

I hope that people who pointed at the TV screens today at 12:00 PM and said, “Hey look, history,” were right. 

President Obama, I hope you enjoy the next 4 years.



(P.S. On an off-topic note, it was awesome to see Yo-Yo Ma, my personal hero, playing John Williams music with Itzhak Perlman, Gabriela Montero, and Anthony McGill)

  • maddy docimo

    I really don’t know what to expect of Obama. I just hope he does the job he is expected to do from the rest of America. Love you salem!!!

  • Pavan

    I am rooting for Obama, and I believe he will be an effective president, but I just think expectations for him are too high. Everyone expects him to fix everything in like 5 minutes, like some kind of a god. Oh well, I guess it’s too early to get worried.

    On a side note, Salem, your blog is pretty sweet.

  • Megan

    if you point at anything and go “hey look, history” it’ll come true b/c by the time you finish saying that it’s already been marked in history, and while not everyone will study what you witnessed even a day later it’s still there. lol
    had to say it… i’m in a JFKDSALFJKL mood and needed a break from studying for AP Euro Fr.Revo essay / Midterm. GRAH

    and GO OBAMA!! it makes me so happy that this was accomplished =D and him and michelle are so cute when they dance! <3

  • Philip

    On a musical note, I heard that Montero will be adding the Williams commission to her performance with the PSO this weekend. I’ll be there on Sunday through Upbeat.