sorry, folks…

I changed it back.

I’ve decided to change my theme back because of 1. poor reviews, and 2. the need to mess around with its CSS a bit more (to possibly tone down the font size, etc. etc.). I’m thinking of switching to a theme called K2, (which is what THIS theme is based on), and editing it to fit my needs. Any theme suggestions?

  • Steven D

    I like this current theme fine.

    Here’s an idea:
    If you think of a new theme, just make a screenshot of an example blog post, and then make an actual blog post with that screenshot in it. ( a link to a full-size version)

    Then ask people in that blog post what they think of that theme, before actually implementing it.

  • Salem

    See, then there’s a problem. You CAN’T see how things render in a screenshot, you can’t see the header AND the footer unless its a massive screen shot, and you cant test out things like links. Trust me, I know.