battlefield heroes… less private!

Ever since Battlefield: Bad Company was released on PS3, and not on pc (thanks a lot, EA), I’ve been waiting for EA to give us computer users a decent game. I’ve had Battlefield 2142, and I’ve played that for a while (I’m ‘Pulse120,’ if you’re interested in watching me suck). But, regardles, I’m bored. Yes, thats right; bored. A lot. I got an email from them a while ago saying that they had made new maps for Battlefield 2142 AND that they had announced the production of a new game, namely Battlefield Heroes.

Battlefield is a self-proclaimed ‘free-to-play multiplayer first person shooter.’ It is meant to look like a cartoon more than a realistic shooter, but the fact that its free is fairly exciting. What really got to me was that once the private beta was out, they opened up registration for a few hours on random days, at random times (since the game is developed in Germany) in the middle of the night. Obviously, I never got a chance to play it, and if I did, the game’s Terms and Conditions say that your account could be deleted if you disclose any beta information. So much for that.

After a bit, they posted an announcement on their website that they were going to take the beta down for a little to work on some behind-the-scenes stuff (i.e. account management, and all that good stuff). The good news is that the site is officially up and running, with a nice big “Register for Beta!” link. The bad news; according to their blog, the site is apparently getting 5 requests per minute. That equates to over 100,000 in only 15 days. To put it lightly, it may be a while before I get my request approved. To put it realistically; well, lets not go there.

  • Evan

    Hahahaha. I have battlefield bad company for my 360. It’s the best game ever. I love it. But I was reading on gamespy that the next battlefield game, ( namely battlefield bad company 2) will be coming out for the pc. So all u have to do is wait just a little longer. Go to gamespy and u will be able to see it. Good luck.