theme, luv, and prizes

I just changed my blog’s theme to a very new, very different theme, and I’m still trying to decide if I like it. The theme came from I have no idea what that stands for, but I do know that Jez, the German guy who owns the website, has a huge amount of artistic talent. Just browse around his website, and take a look at it. 

Another thing: I added CommentLuv, which means that if YOU (yes, you) own a blog, and you comment on my website, your latest blog posts will be posted along with your comments. I’d definitely comment if I were you.

Regardless, hit me up with some comments on your oppinions on the theme. I’ll dig up some sort of prize for 2 randomly picked commenters.

Sorry for any previous typos (regards in particular to Jez). 

Another thing: h4x3D does NOT mean “hacked,” or anything similar, according to Jez:

h4x3d doesnt really mean anything,
people complain it means haxed or hacked, but I dont mind.


And… that’s that.

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  • Mike Boylan

    Ehhh, I can def. appreciate the artistic aspect of this theme, and I can see what the desired intention was, but overall, I don’t like it. Everything is entirely too large, which, I know, was part of the point, but it’s just overkill. I think it could work if you shrunk the font sizes.

    Mike Boylan’s last blog post..Bringing Harmony To My Home Theater

  • Hunter

    Would be a nice theme for let’s say an album cover or magazine, but not a blog. I love helvetica, but the text is just everywhere, way too big. It’s very hard to read. Like the idea, but it just doesn’t fit for what it is meant to do.

  • Steven D

    Nice, but not for a blog. Go back to the old theme for now.

    And do you seriously not know what “h4x3d” stands for?
    It’s haxed or hacked!

  • Sequoia

    ehh…way to large font…go back to the older one, not the blue one but the black one, that one was prob the best out of all of them, no way to huge font and it doesnt look like stangs (and that was really creepy when you pointed that out to me)

  • Megan

    agreed…. it’s too BIG! >.< I tend to like things normal sized, or smaller. But this just looks like it’s stuck on zoom. Also the grey “leave a reply” etc. tends to blend in with the overly white background.

  • Lisa

    very interesting…..I can read this from an airplane.

  • sayings page

    lol. thanks for the inspiring quote. Just what i need.