iphone developers fight back against piracy

To the astonishment of the hacker world, the makers of a popular IM application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, called “Beejive” have sewn in a sort of “anti-piracy” measure to their app. Apparently, people who updated to the latest version illegally and tried to log in were presented with a black screen reading “PC LOAD LETTER,” referencing a confusing printer error message from the popular tv show “Office Space.” Upon tapping the screen, a youtube video plays (a clip from Office Space) with the words “I stole something…” in the description.  

There was a message released on the error on beejive’s website, stating that it only targets cracked (illegally obtained) applications and not jailbroken iPod Touches/iPhones. Many people (including myself) have a fully functional copy of beejive running on a jailbroken device. However, there are issues from people who claim to have purchased the app legally, saying that they are unrightfully being locked out of beejive with the same error message. Interesting, isn’t it?

But wait! There’s more!

If, for whatever reason, you yourself have a pirated copy of the software, do NOT remove it until you’ve done some snooping around the internet. There have been reports of iPods going into safe mode and then freezing up horrendously, crashing, etc. etc. Not particularly pretty. Make sure you know what you’re doing beforehand. 

On a similar note, I noticed something interesting. I bought the game “Paradise: The Beginning” (only $0.99 USD) from the Appstore after watching a video review of it somewhere. As you probably know, my iPod Touch is jailbroken. However, most (actually, all) of my other applications worked fine, so I had no reason to suspect that this wouldn’t. When I’d go to run it, however, it wouldn’t get past the main menu: it would stay there for about 10 seconds and then crash. Later, upon restoring my iPod to a non-jailbroken state, I noticed the app worked fine. Interesting. Sure enough, however, as soon as I re-jailbroke my iPod, the game ceased to function again. It was only $0.99, so I don’t particularly care, but who ever made that game may have inadvertantly found a way to keep applications from running on jailbroken iPod Touches/iPhones.

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    Well done. This is a fantastic knowledge site I think.

  • http://www.k9puppy.co.uk Dogs

    Well done. This is a fantastic knowledge site I think.

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    Great achievement!!! Piracy has becoming a great problem and it cause a huge loss for the parental company. Congrats to you guys!!!

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