Remember the iPod Nano? The first one?

The ones that were “as thin as a pencil!” and came in black and white? Yeah. I had one. Actually, it was my first iPod. The one thing that bothered me about it was the fact that 1. It only held 2 gigs (which was substantial at the time), and 2. It scratched like none other. A few of my friends made the assumption that I liked to sand it on a regular basis. Ouch.

Regardless, apparently some people got fed up with this and sued Apple for making crappy iPods, which is why I’m writing: If your iPod wasn’t shipped with a slip case, you’re entitled to 25 whole US dollars, which will totally cover the cost of a new iPod. Well, maybe not, but at least it keeps most people quiet. If yours came with a slip case, you only get $15. Hey, its money, isn’t it?  Anyways, if you want more information on the settlement, you need to

click here.

If you want to submit your iPod for some reimbursement, all you need is to have your iPod Nano somewhere with you, or have its serial number. If you have your nano with you, just look on the back of it, towards the bottom. It’ll say something like “S/N: **** **** ****” which is, of course, you’re serial number. If you can’t read it, plug it into iTunes, and it should be displayed on the iPod info screen. 

If you have this, you can click here to submit your serial number, or you can look around the site yourself.

Not sure if you have the right iPod?  According to the site’s description of accepted iPods:



The iPod nanos covered by the settlement are the uncoated First Generation iPod nanos. These iPod nanos were first sold beginning in September 2005, and have a black or white plastic front and a stainless steel back. Some but not all iPod nanos were uncoated. Some iPod nanos were coated beginning in approximately December 2005.

To determine if your First Generation iPod nano is uncoated and is covered by the settlement,click here and enter the full Serial Number of your iPod nano, and your Control # if you have it. The Serial Number appears on the stainless steel backplate of your iPod nano.  You will receive a response informing you whether your iPod nano is covered by the settlement. 

To be entitled to a payment under the settlement, you must have experienced scratching of your iPod nano that impaired your use or enjoyment of your iPod nano.

Good luck with getting that incredible $25 back! With it, you could buy yourself a fancy lunch, coffee for you and your friends, or even a new cd for your busted iPod Nano!