April fools pranks!

Well, its that time of the year again, when almost every website pulls massive pranks on their viewers. Lets look at a few:

Every video on their entire website is upside-down, literally. Their videos all play upside down. Fantastic. Not sure if this applies to embedded videos, but I wouldn’t be surprised. If you hate it, click the “I prefer the old-fashioned layout” link on the side, or change your url to end in “&flip=0” instead of “&flip=1”.
Last year, every video on their ‘featured’ page was a rickroll. Ouch.

According to their website, the world’s second-most popular torrent hosting website, “The Pirate Bay” was bought over by Warner Media. Hilarious.

woot.com is selling $3 bags of crap, with a $1 million shipping pricetag, seeing as each bag is ‘hand-delivered by their CEO’. And its sold out already. Heh.

The popular coding language company, Python has posted an article claiming that their BDFL (Benevolent Dictator For Life) has stepped aside and has been replaced by “Uncle Barry,” or the Benevolent Dictator Emeritus Vacationing Indefinitely from the Language (BDEVIL)

Google announced the release of an artificially-inteligent computer script, called Cadie, which apparently became self-aware sometime last night. Oh crap. On top of that, “Cadie” released Google Chrome in 3D! which is probably another prank. And make sure to check out the “Autopilot!” feature that “Cadie” also supposedly released in Gmail.

looks like digg. Nuff said.

The popular website for providing temporary usernames and passwords for other sites is now requiring a username and password to access the site. Haha.

Gonullyourself.org claims to have been infected with the “confickr” virus, which apparently has claimed over 10 million computers today alone.

Gizmodo also claims to be infected with the new virus, forcing terrible, crappy articles to be posted instead of anything good. Grr.

did absolutely nothing. They posted a new short film, which had the PERFECT opportunity to rickroll everyone who visited, but nothing happened. *sigh*.

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