my week in tweets (2009-04-05)

  • Mondays are horrible. And everyone check out @Wozs_Segway. The guy is really, really hilarious #
  • i believe that PHP was designed so that people who like html hate themselves when they finally figure PHP out. #
  • The april fools virus is a load of crap; just get a good antivirus program (maybe a free one like Avast,) and leave it running high tonight. #
  • Tomorrow, somewhere, some russian hackers will be watching the headlines of US news and saying something like “oh sh*t, we did THAT?” #
  • Ok, final post regarding “Conficker.” If you’re worried about it, just get the patch Microsoft released a YEAR ago. #
  • Or it could just be that @hdberk is stone-aged enough to not run the latest version of Flash. #
  • I have a new article out on how to rip DVD’s to your computer! #
  • My aunt has been diagnosed with acute leukemia… I’m saying a prayer for her tonight. #
  • I got my Battlefield Heroes closed beta key! Can’t wait to try it out. #
  • Ugh. I just realized vacation means a week without a blog update. And with 300 hits a day, well, I don’t want this kind of traffic to leave. #
  • im converting a ton of my dvd’s for my ipod touch for my long trip north. Any suggestions? I need to have a FEW scary ones for a friend #
  • Lisa

    take out the word “shitload” makes you look no so nice, which you are.