New album; “Junior” by Röyksopp

I’m surprised at how many people honest-to-goodness haven’t heard of this band. I’m willing to bet you that you have. Want a hint?


Read more. Its a good album.
The album is apparently part of a 2 album set, the second of which will be released later this year. Called “Junior,” the album reflects “A more energetic, youthful style of music,” says Royksopp. The second album, called “Senior,” is the opposite, naturally; its deeper, and softer. Here’s a music video from their site. The song is called “Happy up here” and is one of my personal favorites…

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

Awesome, isn’t it? Their whole album is similar to this. You can preview it on their site, or you can buy it off of iTunes.

Now, some thoughts on the album.
They definitely got the mood they were looking for; very upbeat and energetic. Its good running music, as my cousin and I have  both found. I like the use of strings and some other interesting samples. While I’m thinking about it, there’s a cool video of a marching band playing “Happy up Here,” which is worth checking out. The music uses a lot of vocal samples, which some people apparently aren’t into when listening to techno music. I, personally, am all for ’em, and I think they add a lot to the music.

They have 2 older albums, but Melody AM is a classic. *sigh* Yes, it has that Geico song on it. Check it out if you have the time (or $14.99 in spare change).

I can post some more of the songs if enough people comment!

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