Ranting about Twitter and Facebook

Thats right. Whether you know it or not, twitter.com’s massive success spiked over the past year, making it more and more useless to people who have accounts only because ‘their friends do.’ I don’t mean those syndicated twitter accounts that spit out recent blog updates (much like mine). Twitter is becoming irksome, and before you start sending me hate comments spewing things like “Ur dum lol twitter ftw,” let me explain myself. I was shocked to see how many people don’t actually know what twitter is, so here’s my rough explination of it.

What is it?

Twitter is akin to blogging, but only using 140 characters per blog. This is because there is (on average) a maximum of 140 characters allowed in a single cell phone text message. Where am I going with this? Well, twitter was designed with the intent of making ‘microblogging’ available anywhere, particularly cell phones. This is helpful if you want to post updates from an event like a convention.

Salem, Twitter is awesome. Shaddup.

This is where it begins to bother me; twitter is no longer about receiving information. Its now only about sending it, and hoping someone will find it. Truth be told, unless you’re part of a huge website like arstechnica.com, that frequently uses twitter to relay what they’re seeing at live events, twitter is dead. Useless. Kaput. I’m not about to stop using it. I like to think that there are people out there who legitimately read my blog via twitter. But when you are following 4,503 people, there is no way anyone is going to notice every single twitter update.

Why facebook is at fault too.

There’s something [horrible] to be said about facebook. The company seems to be a bunch of completely sore losers. After failing to buy Twitter for some rediculous amount of money, the company pushed an update to their website, turning the ever-popular facebook status into a sort of twitter c0p-off. So now, all your friends statuses appear in a sort of feed, and you can now make your status about someone else (just like twitter). Fancy that. Come on, facebook. You’re better than that. The public hates your updates, so don’t make them as drastic. And for the love of [Insert diety here], get rid of that last update. Its nauseating.

This being said, I think I can end my rant here. I want to see what everyone has to say about this. Comment, retort, flame, and do whatevr it takes to tell me about what you have to say. After all, what use am I if no one tells me that I’m totally stupid and/or wrong, and that I should give up on the internet?