Google Chrome Ads and Plugins

Google recently released a series of TV ads for its browser, Google Chrome. They are actually rather neat; check them out. There’s several of them, although this would have to be my current favorite. Click here for the rest of the ads.

They’re fairly good and are worth watching, although there are 11. If you have time to watch 11 straight, you need a job or a spouse. Regardless, they’re worth watching. I personally haven’t seen any on tv, but I’m assuming its because I don’t watch enough myself. Anyways…

The Ad.

A bit about plugins.

Now that that’s been said and done, Google Chrome has announced 4 official plugins to go public. This was announced at its I/O conference late last week. Finally, those who scorned Chrome for its lack of authentic plugin support no longer have to worry about it.

The plugins, as quoted from ReadWriteWeb:


AdSweep is an add-on that hides advertising on web page you visit similar to how AdBlock works. It uses JavaScript to adjust the CSS of a page and is also available as a user script.

Page Rank for Chrome

Page Rank for Chrome (shouldn’t that be “PageRank?”) is a simple extension that shows the Google PageRank for the current web site.


Perhaps the most fascinating of the three, however, is Cleeki, an extension that delivers the functionality of IE8’s Accelerators to other browsers, a list that now includes Chrome. Accelerators are one of the newest (and best) features in the most recent version of Internet Explorer. Available from the right-click menu, they let you quickly perform actions that would have previously required opening a separate web page (e.g. “map this,” “translate this,” “find on Facebook,” “define this,” “email this,” “Digg this,” etc.)

This will certainly make those people who were initially wary of Chrome give in and try it out. I use it primarily, as there’s nothing I desperately needed that I haven’t been able to mod around. Try Chrome out. Its totally free, and its rediculously fast (faster than the new Safari, apparently).