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Don’t you hate it when those computers at the library block you from viewing your email? Ever get stuck working on a computer that has important sites blocked by a bad firewall? Worried that other potentially dangerous websites might log your IP? Well, I have the answer, finally; has a newsletter service that produces a new proxy website, or a website that allows you to browse other websites via a third party server. I use it whenever I want to visit a website that is suspicious, as a proxy hides your IP address (the third party server’s ip is used in place). It also allows browsing of websites that would normally be blocked, for whatever reason. A popular website to visit via proxys is facebook, seeing as it is blocked in public places due to the risk of people accidentally staying logged in. Myspace is also rather popular, as are most email websites.

Want to know how to set up your own proxy to run off your computer? The benefit of this is that you don’t have to deal with ads, and you don’t have to worry about the 3rd party server logging your private information. Read on to find out how to set one up.

Before you start, there are a few things that you should know. Number 1, Windows Firewall must be disabled or must allow internet connections from all the programs you’ll be installing. If the firewall blocks any part of it, you will get a message from the Circumventor Setup software, explaining how to unblock whatever is being blocked. In addition, the proxy will only work if the computer the proxy is installed on does not have any blocks on it, and is constantly connected to the internet. The computer that is being blocked will access your un-blocked computer in order to access the internet.

Ok. Here’s how to set up your very own remote proxy server, on your own computer.

  1. You’ll need some software first:
    ActivePerl – This must be installed at C:Perl or it will not work.
    OpenSA – (FireFox users — please right-click and pick “Save Link As”).
    Circumventor Software – This is the software that actually
  2. Install the software one at a time, starting with ActivePerl. Once again, it must be installed in C:Perl or it will not work.

    Next, install OpenSA. If you get to a screen titled “Server Information” and it doesn’t have values filled in for “Network Domain”, “Server Name” and “Administrator’s Email Address”, just fill in these boxes with made-up random values — the Circumventor software doesn’t use them.

  3. Lastly, run the Circumventor-Setup.exe software. It will set up everything for you, and will allow you to actually run the proxy server. If you did it right, you will see an “It’s ready!” page at the end of the install. If it fails, it will create a file circumventor-setup-log.txt — send that file to [email protected] and he will try to figure out what went wrong.
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