Battlefield Heroes BF Giveaway!


So that people stop asking me, this giveaway has officially been closed as of July 17th, 2009. I’m so sorry to disappoint anyone. If you want to see who the winners are, check here.

What is Battlefield Heroes?

To compete with the tons and tons of free online first person shooters that have been cranking out, like “FEAR Online,” “Combat Arms,” and “Guns,” EA threw out “Battlefield Heroes” to not only compete, but to appease the throngs of Battlefield fans who were still disgruntled from Battlefield: Bad Company not being released on PC. I, being one of these people, was happy to see that EA had provided some sort of compensation. The game is a cartoon shooter, and is totally free. Its (STILL) in closed beta *sigh* but I was lucky enough to get an invite key earlier on. Regardless, there’s been an update recently, and with it came a coupon for 200 BattleFunds. Nice. Seeing as I don’t really want it, I’m going to give it away, along with an additional one I managed to dig up. Thats right… I’mgettin Read on to find out how to get the coupon!

Battlefield Heroes has been updated, fixing a TON of all the issues and adding a load of new features I’ve been wanting to see. Read on for ALL the updates (plus how to get a coupon for 200 BattleFunds (BF’s).

So, What are these Updates, exactly?

Friends System
Battlefield Heroes has been in need of a friends system. The only thing similar to it before was a really useless box on the home page saying “Join a friends game! Type their name here,” which always, always returned an error. Grh. Now, you can add friends, and everyone gets a profile page, displaying achievements, weapons, and even your character”s clothing. Nice. Of course, “Groups,” the name for the stereotypical clans, guilds, etc. etc. And with a friends system comes a Leaderboard, meaning that if you are the best player EVER, everyone will know about it. You can now search for other people as well, a feature which was attempted before, but didn’t work out for some strange reason. Thats about it, on the friend respect.

Battlefield Store Updates
The store has only allowed users to rent items previously. Now, at the right price, you can buy items perminantly. Cool. This keeps me from buying a ton of items, losing all my money, and then taking a week break from the game, only to come back and find myself broke and itemless. For now, however, this is only good for Battlefund appearence items and emotes, so unless you’re willing to pay for the items in cash, you’re sstuck. Lastly, there is now a coupon system out that gives users the opportunity to find discounts, credits, and even weapon unlocks on various sites or sweepsteakes.

The Giveaway! 2 Coupons, each worth 200 BF!

I want to give someone 200 BattleFunds. Two people, in fact. I have 2 coupons, each worth 200 BattleFunds. I figure this is a good way to get me hits, and to give someone something to play around with for a while. These aren’t the credits you can find in-game…. they can ONLY be obtained via cash. So, if you want 200 Battlefunds, you can do one of the following to enter the sweepstakes:

  • Just post a comment! – 1 submission (Easiest way!)
  • Tweet about this post- 1 submission
  • Follow me, either by email or RSS – 1 submission
  • Add me to a social network (Facebook,, etc) – 1 submission
  • Donate 100 Entrecard Credits-2 submissions
  • Review my site on your blog – 3 submissions
  • Post a link for my site on yours – 3 submissions
  • Post an ad for my site on yours -5 submissions.

Every submission is like a ticket to win. The more you do, the more chances you have to win. On July 17th, I’ll collect all the submissions and select 2 at random. Yes, you can win both. The more you promote this contest, the more likely you are to win, so get cracking! Good luck, everyone!

NOTE: I will NOT give out your email to 3rd parties, nor will I email you except to tell you that you’re the winner OR to respond to a question. If you’ve had issues with emails from this domain, please contact me immediately (click “contact” at the top of this page).

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  • Fr Fr

    hello you can help whith bf heroes reedem code

    • Salem

      I'm no longer giving this away. The contest ended *months* ago. I should

      probably close comments on this post.

  • Mijatke95

    Thx !!!

  • Igor Mijatovic

    I vant some codes :DDD !!!!

    • Salem

      Codes are LONG gone. -_-

  • Kuznetsov 1995

    How u will find us?

    • Salem

      The contest is gone, mate. I theoretically found you because you have to

      type your emails in for you to comment.

    • Salem

      ALTHOUGH I'm giving away rapidshare pro points on the homepage. Check there!

  • Free Battlefunds

    a little late to participate

    • Salem

      Sorry, it ended around a year ago. I think I should close the comments for