Battlefield Heroes BF Giveaway!


So that people stop asking me, this giveaway has officially been closed as of July 17th, 2009. I’m so sorry to disappoint anyone. If you want to see who the winners are, check here.

What is Battlefield Heroes?

To compete with the tons and tons of free online first person shooters that have been cranking out, like “FEAR Online,” “Combat Arms,” and “Guns,” EA threw out “Battlefield Heroes” to not only compete, but to appease the throngs of Battlefield fans who were still disgruntled from Battlefield: Bad Company not being released on PC. I, being one of these people, was happy to see that EA had provided some sort of compensation. The game is a cartoon shooter, and is totally free. Its (STILL) in closed beta *sigh* but I was lucky enough to get an invite key earlier on. Regardless, there’s been an update recently, and with it came a coupon for 200 BattleFunds. Nice. Seeing as I don’t really want it, I’m going to give it away, along with an additional one I managed to dig up. Thats right… I’mgettin Read on to find out how to get the coupon!

Battlefield Heroes has been updated, fixing a TON of all the issues and adding a load of new features I’ve been wanting to see. Read on for ALL the updates (plus how to get a coupon for 200 BattleFunds (BF’s).

So, What are these Updates, exactly?

Friends System
Battlefield Heroes has been in need of a friends system. The only thing similar to it before was a really useless box on the home page saying “Join a friends game! Type their name here,” which always, always returned an error. Grh. Now, you can add friends, and everyone gets a profile page, displaying achievements, weapons, and even your character”s clothing. Nice. Of course, “Groups,” the name for the stereotypical clans, guilds, etc. etc. And with a friends system comes a Leaderboard, meaning that if you are the best player EVER, everyone will know about it. You can now search for other people as well, a feature which was attempted before, but didn’t work out for some strange reason. Thats about it, on the friend respect.

Battlefield Store Updates
The store has only allowed users to rent items previously. Now, at the right price, you can buy items perminantly. Cool. This keeps me from buying a ton of items, losing all my money, and then taking a week break from the game, only to come back and find myself broke and itemless. For now, however, this is only good for Battlefund appearence items and emotes, so unless you’re willing to pay for the items in cash, you’re sstuck. Lastly, there is now a coupon system out that gives users the opportunity to find discounts, credits, and even weapon unlocks on various sites or sweepsteakes.

The Giveaway! 2 Coupons, each worth 200 BF!

I want to give someone 200 BattleFunds. Two people, in fact. I have 2 coupons, each worth 200 BattleFunds. I figure this is a good way to get me hits, and to give someone something to play around with for a while. These aren’t the credits you can find in-game…. they can ONLY be obtained via cash. So, if you want 200 Battlefunds, you can do one of the following to enter the sweepstakes:

  • Just post a comment! – 1 submission (Easiest way!)
  • Tweet about this post- 1 submission
  • Follow me, either by email or RSS – 1 submission
  • Add me to a social network (Facebook,, etc) – 1 submission
  • Donate 100 Entrecard Credits-2 submissions
  • Review my site on your blog – 3 submissions
  • Post a link for my site on yours – 3 submissions
  • Post an ad for my site on yours -5 submissions.

Every submission is like a ticket to win. The more you do, the more chances you have to win. On July 17th, I’ll collect all the submissions and select 2 at random. Yes, you can win both. The more you promote this contest, the more likely you are to win, so get cracking! Good luck, everyone!

NOTE: I will NOT give out your email to 3rd parties, nor will I email you except to tell you that you’re the winner OR to respond to a question. If you’ve had issues with emails from this domain, please contact me immediately (click “contact” at the top of this page).

  • bea

    hi i added u to like facebook and added a link on my facebook :) can i get 400 battlefounds now? i would be happy… just send them to my email if i deserve them :)

    • Salem

      Bea… You get 1 submission for adding it to your facebook page. There are a few more weeks, so I’d keep on trying :D

    • ILoveSalem

      Hey sign me up for 1 ticket. I’ll try rack up more.. How do you know that we get those tickets tho if we meet the criteria for em?

      • ILoveSalem

        I want to subscribe by email,but it doesnt work, and neither does RSS.. D:

        • Salem

          Haha first off, nice name :D second off, I fixed the links; you should be set. Try them again.

          Cheers, and thanks for submitting (comment when you subscribe so i can add a second submission for you).

        • Salem

          Did the RSS/Email thing work out for you?

    • Apachekiller

      Nice site you have here and I hope I win the BF! :D


      • Salem

        Haha thanks, and good luck!

  • http://aaa geton

    So i comment.. 1submission?:)

    • Salem

      Yup, you have exaaactly 1 submission. You can get more submissions via any other option above.

  • siiix

    thats great , i love to comment amd get an entry : )

    • Salem

      I’m glad you do! Best of luck.

  • boomboompow

    Hey so I commented and I get 1 submission, yes?

    • Salem

      You sure do! Thanks for the comment.

  • BloodBender

    Will u please give me a coupon! I will do anything to win!
    What to do? Please ! I beg you! I will post a lot at this site :D

    • Salem

      Haha I’ll give you a coupon IF you win :D Read the end of the article to see how you can increase your chances of winning.

      • BloodBender

        I did! But I don’t have twitter, facebook etc…..
        Please help me! I’m allready looking since the start of it! didnt get a redeem code :(

        • Salem

          Hmm…. Have you tried digg, or stumbleupon? At the bottom of my article (look above the comments section) is a link that says “Share this”… that might help you.

  • Goat

    Hey, nice site design you’ve got here.

    I have 60BF and if i get 200 bf i can get some permanent gloves. Plz


    • Salem

      Haha thanks a ton. Do you have a site of your own?

      If you want hose 200 BF, you could boost your chances a lot by submitting this page to different websites like Digg or Stumbleupon. Once you have, post a link to the page so I can make sure you did in fact do it.

      Good luck!

  • adude

    So now I am in the draw?

    I suscribed for email updates, does that give me 2 chances?



    • Salem

      As soon as I confirm your email subscription, you do, in fact, have 2 chances :D

  • Grant

    Hey i would like to get the 200bf so that I can help my brother lv up

    • Salem

      Ok :D you currently have 1 chance… read the last section of my article above to boost your chances.

  • Libbeh

    Thanks for being so kind as to give them away, I hope I get ’em!

    • Salem

      Haha thanks a ton for proving my site’s authenticity on the forums. I appreciate it.

  • Neon

    I will believe you when i get my redeem code ;)

    • Salem

      Well, seeing as ther ARE only two, I’d read the last section of my post, regarding the giveaway, to find out how to get HIGHER chances of winning.

  • Salem

    I got you’re email address, but I saw it was a Mailinator email… I’d appreciate it if you’d switch it over to an email that you frequently check, just so I know you’re getting all my latest blog posts. However, this is TOTALLY up to you. Also, you might consider subscribing via RSS, so you don’t get cluttered emails in your inbox.

  • Mamoon


    • Salem

      Got you’re comment… you’re now part of the giveaway!

  • Themecreator

    Hey! I think you got a nice website! And with the idea of givin out prizes, more people will follow your website! I’ve been following it a while now and think your going the right way!

    I’m the leader of the clan Nordic Legends and I’m sure I can fix a little advertisement and maybe a link to your homepage :)

    – I’ve posted a comment :)
    – I’ll tweet abut your post (Am I just going to say something like “Check it out! The Giveaway! 2 Coupons, each worth 200 BF! Click here”
    – Where is your RSS?
    – Got no facebook or delicious
    – Dunno what cardentries are
    – Got no blog
    – I’ll fix some advertisement on our site and a link :)


    PS. The design on our site is not finnished yet, but we could over 70 members and in June we got over 2000 visitors ^^,

    • Salem

      You must really want those coupons :D
      Tweet something like that, just include a link to the contest page (, to make it shorter for you).
      For Email/RSS feeds, go to the top of any page on my site, hover over “Subscribe,” and then click either “Subscribe via Email” or “Subscribe via RSS.” and let me know which one you chose.
      Thanks for the advertisement :D as soon as you have some content up on you’re site, I’ll do a write-up for you… just email me/contact me when you do (check the “contact” page… there’s a link at the top of the page).

      • Themecreator

        Tweeted about you ^^, And subscibed with RSS… Our site havn’t got so much content at the frontapge, but our forum is preety active, and if you want to know more about the clan, just click the “about” button in the navigation menu..

  • Themecreator

    btw click on my name to visite our homepage!

  • Themecreator

    And one more thing! If I’m going to give you free advirtsements, you got to say something about us in some of your news!

  • Themecreator

    image and link is added… Check the “voting box” (I’ll switch name to friend sites or something”

  • twan

    still accepting? :)

    • Salem

      Yup :D all the way until the 17th, I’ll be accepting.

  • Themecreator

    I added image and link to your page… Check the voting box (I’m going to rename it to friendly pages or something)

  • Themecreator

    Tweeted about you ^^, And subscibed with RSS… Our site havn’t got so much content at the frontapge, but our forum is preety active, and if you want to know more about the clan, just click the “about” button in the navigation menu..

    btw. I sure would appriciate if you fix an edit button or something ^^

    • Salem

      Would you mind posting a link to the tweet? Just so i can tell, and I’ll follow you too. Find the tweet, and click the timestamp, which will take you to a unique page for that tweet. post it here, or contact me with it via the contact link at the top of the page

    • Salem

      I’m giving you +1 for your craaazy effort, mate :D

  • RandomAbuser

    Comon luck =D

  • ReLaxX

    Hey there, list me pls for the codes , ty

  • Someone

    I hope I’ll win one, I need one more to get a permanent BF-paid helm :)

  • Woutman

    +1 submission

    Nice initiative. Me likes free stuffs.

  • demez884

    Nice idea, sign me up :D!

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    Worth a shot, why not :D
    Following your RSS too.

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    hi there! :)

    have a nice day.

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    I find it awesome, that such free giveaways exist :D

    • Salem

      Haha +1 for an interesting comment :D

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    worth a try i guess lol

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    Hey, let’s hope I win!

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    If I redirect this domain to this site, does this count as advertising?

    • Salem

      Sure it would! For how long, though?

  • Fubar667

    nice .. i hope i win the codes :)

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    Great contest….I hope I win! Thank you!

  • Oranges

    Hey Salem. Here is my ticket.

    Be sure to publish a graph of the traffic spike that your getting!

    : P

    • Salem

      Haha i should! I was expecting like… 20 people to sign up TOTAL for this. Do you want me to?

    • Salem

      Since you’ve given me a bit of an entertaining conversation, I’m going to give you an extra ticket :D Good luck!

  • Roskil

    This is certaintly an interesting venture. I have recently established a toon, a level 12 National Soldier named Roskil, and have so far had a blast playing. I havent joined a clan yet but I may when I get higher in the higher rankings.

    The coupons you offer would be a boon because I havent been able to deviate any capital to buy BF and I was eyeing that gas mask for my soldier, simply because it made him look badass when I tried it on.

    I may not have any tweets or blogs to offer but I can complete that joke on the loading screen:

    A Gunner and Commando walk into a bar…

    Answer: The Commando dies instantly but the Gunner breaks through it.

    If you dont get it I got the joke from this t-shirt picture:

    So… thats my submission…. ya.

    • Salem

      Ouch. You don’t like commando’s? No ticket for you.

      Kidding, of course :D You’re submitted.

      • Roskil

        Im just saying, Commando’s are the weakest class ingame health wise. My soldier blew away four of them in a single firefight this one time. Got up close and personal with a Fly Swatter shotgun and Rudolf smg.

        And thx for the acceptance :)

    • Salem

      +1 for the joke :D thanks a ton!

  • rachid

    this is good… :)

  • Themecreator
    • Salem

      Got it :D thats a second ticket for you.

  • niko

    where is my comment? oh, here it is…

    • Salem

      I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t try and farm tickets by commenting with different names. Do it again and I’m blocking you from commenting.

  • michael

    hook me up! this is a good game and keep promoting it!

  • Themecreator

    Salem wrote: Got it :D thats a second ticket for you.


    – commented on this website – 1 ticket
    – subscribed via RSS – 1 ticket
    – and email – 1 ticket
    – tweeted about it – 1 ticket
    – Link at our page – 3 tickets
    – image at our page – 5 tickets

    thought that would be some more than 2 tickets?

    • Salem

      Sorry, I must’ve replied to yours by accident. You have quite a few more than 2, I believe.

  • Themecreator

    Okai :) thanks ^^

  • Milkman

    I could use all the help I can get in the economic hard times.

    • Salem

      HAHA that actually made me laugh. I might give you an extra credit for that comment :D

  • Oranges

    Oh yeah, it would be great fun to see, and furthermore proof, that people REALLY like free things.

    • Salem

      For now, I can say I’ve spiked at around 346 unique hits in a day, with 532 pageviews (an 81.04% increase, according to Google Analytics).

      • Oranges

        Score on the page views!

        You have my best wishes that they stick around,
        it’s a good blog.

  • Themecreator

    :O That’s lots of people ^^

    When the bfh team wrote about our clan at the frontpage, we got like +250 views everyday for like a week ^^ And 40 more members xD

    Propaganda forever!!!

    • Salem

      What clan are you from?

  • NiceFace

    Hello nice site… im here for my points :D
    thank you see ya later!

  • Themecreator

    The nordic legends (actually just nordic legends)

  • ILoveSalem

    Yep. I subscribed via email :D

    Sorry for long wait for reply D:

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