temporarily down!

As of today, has been [temporarily?] taken down. The issue is widely unexplained, and is denying access to countrues like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Update: appears to be back up, alive, and kicking again. Hopefully, reports of its downtime will come out soon, so that we can piece together what actually happend.

I have barely a clue why, although I wouldn’t be surprised if its a result from some sort of Digital Rights lawsuit. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time. A non-cited quote from the Demonoid Wikipedia page reads as follows;

As of 10th June 2009 the site appears offline in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Hungary, Greece, Canada, and the United States. This seems to be due to the fact that Demonoid’s IP space appears to have been removed from the global routing tables.

What are the global routing tables? Some quick digging, and I had a general answer; it is a list of all the internet prefixes that make up the public internet as we know it. It is more of a concept, seeing as it isn’t hosted in one location; rather, it is contained in a series of routers.

Regardless of what happened, a similar issue happened on February 7th of this year, blocking  access to the site from the Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Ukraine, and India. Within a few months, the problem was resolved. However, torrenting content will be a lot more difficult, seeing as is the most popular torrenting site on the internet.

If anyone hears anything more about this, comment here, and I’ll update the article, so that there’s news of this somewhere.

  • psych

    welp as of july 1st it is still down, which is f*cked up in a way, since demonoid is the best place to get stuff that other torrent sites lack, they lack the commitment of seeders onto there torrent well for movies and etc….. hopefully it’ll get resolved asap..

  • Roop

    7th September 2009 :
    The Demonoid is down in India last 5 days.I use BSNL – the state owned ISP, checked with them if they have blocked the site- found they did not. Just the blank page is opening. I also cross checked , by using other ISP driven servics, same results. Of course, in another computer, it was clearly showing as HTTP Error# 500, which is the internal server error from the host – at Demonoid.

    Can you guys suggest any back up site of background, or any proxy site to access demonoid?

    • Salem

      Indeed I can. If you can get to and set up an email subscription, the administrator there emails you a new proxy every week or so… Its really handy for bypassing firewalls, although it has quite a few ads (if you can manage that).

  • Mr.A
    • Salem

      Good find… wow. That could even be worse than expected.