How To: UltimateSn0w Released

Thats right; the Unlocking Tool for the iPhone 3.0 Firmware has now been released! Finally. To unlock your iPhone means to use your phone with a 3rd party cellular network, like T-Mobile. To use it is simple enough, and it’s been successful (as far as I’ve seen). Thanks a ton to the Dev-Team for all your hard work, and I hope that you keep it up in the future. I’ve thrown in instructions as to how to install UltimateSn0w on your iPhone. Try them out, and please post a comment or two; its always nice to hear from readers. I’m also always happy to provide whatever help I can, so post your questions as well. Remember to subscribe to comments so you know if I respond!


Anyways, installing, like I said, is simple.

  • 1. Make sure the iPhone you have is currently running the 3.0 firmware. Did that? Good. Go on to step 2.
  • 2. Jailbreak your iPhone with whatever software you want (I’ve used the Pwnage Tool, although RedSn0w works fine too). Note that this also installs Icy and/or Cydia, depending on which you specify.
  • 3. Start your iPhone and run Icy/Cydia. You need to add a repo to Icy/Cydia. Add to your list of sources (In Cydia, go to Manage, Sources, tap the “+” button, and enter the URL above. Note that ultrasn0w is spelled with a zero, not an ‘o’.
  • 4. Go to Cydia/Icy search, and look for ultrasn0w, and install the package (once again, it is spelled with a zero). If you use T-Mobile, disable 3G, and make sure it stays disabled before using Ultrasn0w.
  • Restart your iPhone, and have fun.

If you have any issues, post them here as a comment, and I’ll be happy to take a crack at them. I feel fairly well versed with the iPhone/iPod Touch, (although I can’t be held liable for anything you might do). Have fun unlocking, and hopefully there will be some 3.0 iPhones on T-Mobile within the week.

Ultimate Sn0w does NOT work on 3GS as of yet (of course, seeing as it was just released).
Don’t try to run it on the 3GS, as it may (and probably will) brick your phone.