Jailbreaking iPod Touch 3.0!

Well, everyone, seeing as the 3.0 firmware Golden Master has been released, there’s no reason not to do a tutorial on how to jailbreak the iPod Touch 3.0 firmware. Finally. Its really easy, but this tutorial is for first gen iPod Touches only. In addition, this method was made for the 3.0 beta, so use this tutorial at your own risk.


You’ll need 2… no wait, make that 5 pieces of software:

  • 1. The iPod 3.0 firmware (of course… The Gold Master beta is identical, supposedly, to the release).
  • 2. QuickPwn 3.0 Beta 2 – The latest version (Release Candidate, Gold Master, whatever you want to call it) works well, as does the full firmware.
  • 3. iTunes 8.1 (8.2, as of now, does NOT work, so do NOT upgrade to it.)
  • 4. QuickiPwn 3.0 Bundle – This is the bundle Quickpwn uses to crack 3.0.
  • 5. 3.0 Firmware Patch – This is required to jailbreak the 3.0 firmware.
  • 6. WinRAR – You’ll need this to extract the .zip folders and

On top of this, its nice to have a backup plan; in case you have issues, refer to my “Fixing Jailbroken iPod Problems” article.

Getting everything ready:

Ok. First of all, install the 3.0 firmware on your iPod. To do this, plug your iPod in, open iTunes, and click on your iPod in the left-hand menu. Then, hold down shift, hit restore, and find the firmware you have. iTunes will put your iPod in restore mode, extract the files from the firmware, wipe your iPod, copy them over, and restart your iPod.

Next, you’ll need to right click the QuickPwn file you downloaded and extract it somewhere (select “Extract to /Quickpwn” for the easiest method). Take the bundle and extract it to “QuickPwn/Data/PwnmetheusBundles/”. Now that you’ve done this, open the “Quickpwn.exe” file in your /Quickpwn direcory. Finally, we can begin to actually jailbreak your iPod.

Actually Jailbreaking:

This is a bit more complicated, so I’ll walk you through step by step.

  1. 1. Go through the QuickPwn steps as normal until you reach the step about DFU. You’ll need to select ‘iPod’ from the device list, and find your 3.0 firmware again. Don’t check “Activate” as it replaces the device’s lockdown binaries with ones that expire soon.quickpwnscreenshot1
  2. 2. Go through the DFU mode steps EXACTLY as it says. If you do it correctly, your iPod’s screen will turn purple. Unplug your iPod, but do not, under any circumstance, close quickpwn.
  3. 3. Hit [Windows key + R] and type in %TEMP%. This will open up your temporary files folder in Windows Explorer. Look for a folder called “restore” and copy it somewhere else, like your desktop, or the same folder that you put /QuickPwn in.
  4. 4. Close QuickPwn and plug your device back in.
  5. 5. Download the 3.0 Firmware Patch and extract its contents to your “restore” folder.
  6. 6. Navigate to your 3.0 firmware, right click it, and select “Open With> WinRAR.” If WinRAR doesn’t show up on your ‘open with’ menu, select ‘other’ and choose WinRAR and select it from the list of options. Find the file called “kernelcache.release.s5l8900x” and copy it over to your “restore” folder (the one you pulled out of your TEMP folder). You shouldn’t extract the whole firmware file (.ipsw)… just the kernelcache file. If you are asked if you want to replace the file, say yes.
  7. 7. Open your “Restore” folder and run “patch.bat.” This will take care of patching necessary files, etc. etc. If you’re in Vistas, run it as an administrator. When you’re done with that, run “cleanup.bat.” This removes any unneccesary files, making it easier to continue.
  8. 8. Right click somewhere in your “Restore” folder, select “New,” and click “WinRAR ZIP Archive.” Drag the “Firmware” folder, “018-4911-4.dmg” “kernelcache.release.s5l8900x”, and “Restore.plist.” That should be it… leave anything else there out. Rename it “30jailbroken.ipsw” (or something else ending in .ipsw… its up to you), and make sure it doesn’t add ‘.zip’ to the end of the name.
  9. 9. Now, open iTunes (your iPod should be plugged in), go to the iPod’s screen, hold down shift, click restore, and select your “30jailbroken.ipsw” file. Your iPod will start restoring.
  10. 10. When you see the QuickPwn logo appear on your iPod, open up taskmanager (ctrl + Shift + escape), find iTunes.exe in the processes list, click it, and click “End process.” Your iPod will finish restoring, and restart.
  11. 11. When your iPod has restarted, it will be jailbroken, and you can do all your fun jailbroken things with it. Sync it with iTunes to get all your music, videos, and pictures (and your apps, for that matter) back on your iPod.

Wrapping it up…

Well, I hope this tutorial has made some semblance of sense. If you see any errors, let me know so I can change them. Just post a comment or something. I can also do my best to help with any issues, although I once again take no responsibility for whatever you do to your iPod. This tutorial was written for use with the 3.0 Gold Master release of the beta, and has not been tested with the full release (as it is not officially public until this Friday).

More on this tutorial here;

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