JustJump.in podcast… Coming Soon

I’ve never done a podcast before…

Recently, a few friends and I started working on a podcast. Last night, we recorded our first episode, and so far, it sounds pretty good. We talk about technology, media, culture, the internet, whatever we think of, really. Its a ton of fun to do, and already we’ve set up a website and purchased a domain for it. The site looks really promising, and I really like how its turning out. Recording the podcast was crazy fun; it was really open and free-flowing, with a few minor technicalities (one of my friends recorded it from a boat up in Canada…. thank God for Skype). My friend Mike will be editing the podcast today and tomorrow; when its up, I’ll post a section on my website dedicated to it. This’ll be so awesome if it pulls off… everyone check it out.

If you want to see the site-in-progress, check out www.justjump.in.