TweetDeck for iPhone Released!

I use TweetDeck to post tweets from time to time, and have to say it is an amazing desktop client. It is sleek, smooth, and groups all my tweets seemlessly, so keeping up-to-date is never an issue. However, I was amazed to find that TweetDeck was launched yesterday for the iPod Touch/iPhone, so I just had to check it out. I decided to do a quick write-up, seeing as it has its ups and downs. Its totally worth giving a try, though, so here goes nothing…

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What makes it “TweetDeck”?

The first thing I wondered was how much was sacrificed to make TweetDeck available for iPhone. The answer; surprisingly little. I was worried that Tweet Deck’s ‘multiple twitter decks” would be sacrificed for the sake of portability. However, the app nicely splits up your decks, each with tweets from certain friends or with certain keywords, allowing you to switch between them as you would switch between pages on your iPhone’s desktop (or springboard). I actually like it BETTER than tweetdeck desktop, as scrolling between decks on the desktop version takes away from the program’s smoothness.

Some features I’m glad were dragged over to the iPhone are the separate URL shortening… You don’t have to waist characters every time you enter a URL. And with the 3.0 firmware out, pasting URLs in should be easier than ever (thank God Cut Copy and Paste). It also supports and has Facebook status integration, just like its desktop counterpart.

What makes it an iPhone App?

Whats PARTICULARLY cool is that TweetDeck on your iPhone syncs up with TweetDeck on your desktop (which makes sense, seeing as they’re both connected to twitter) so changes are all reflected in realtime. To refresh your iPhone, you just have to give it a shake. It updates in real time, granted you have some sort of internet connection, and any updates appear as notifications on the bottom of the screen. One last thing thats nice is its “Quick Follow” feature, allowing you to follow people by typing in their twitter name. Thats… pretty cool.

So, whats not to like?

Well, I’ve had this weird bug where not all the people I’m following appear when I go to create a new group. This is rather annoying, seeing as its impossible to add friends to groups in certain instances. This is a big issue. The program also seems rather bloated… it tries to cram too many things into its interface making it slightly slower and rather cramped. Refreshing takes a while, which gets annoying; how long can downloading 140 characters of text be?

Overal, it sems like something completely worthwhile, and I say go for it. It takes some getting used to, and creating groups will have to be done on your computer for now (*sigh*) but otherwise its a respectable app.

You can download the app here; it completly free from the appstore.

In addition, a similar tweet-deck client was released for $2.99 that imports TweetDeck stacks to your iPhone called TweetStacks… I’ll review it later, but in the mean time, you can get an .ipa for it (not uploaded or hosted by me) here. Only install this if you know how to use .ipa’s.

Thanks a ton to Mike Boylan for all the help.

  • Christopher

    I just think it’s great, and I haven’t noticed anything bad about it as of yet, but I haven’t used it alot, So :P