Webnotes 50% Discount!

For those who have been interested in trying out Webnotes Pro, which has all the functionality of its free counterpart, but with PDF editing, multicolored highlighting, and priority support, there has never been a better time! For those who don’t know what webnotes is, it is a website that allows users to take notes directly on other websites via a plugin or a bookmarklet. I’ve been in contact with some of the site’s developers via twitter and they gave me a link for 50 people to receive 50% off their premium service.

How can I get the discount?

Its really, really simple. Click here and follow the instructions. Or, sign up for a premium account and enter the promotional code ‘technoheads.’ Not hard, right? If you want to try it out first, sign up for a free account and download the bookmarklet here.

Pricing is normally $10 per month, or $100 per year (You receive 2 months free if you sign up per year). Of course, with a 50% discount, pricing becomes $5 a month, or $50 per year. Its very reasonable, and their free version is equally as useful.

If you missed out on your chance to receive one of my 50 discounts, and you’re currently a student, you can receive a 50% discount by clicking here, or by signing up for a premium account here and entering in “student101” as your promotional code.

For more on Webnotes…
Check out my reviews here and take a look at the screencast on the webnotes.net home page… it happens to have been done by a friend of mine.