Download ANY iPod/iPhone Firmware!

Don’t you hate digging for firmware?

I’m always looking for firmware for my iPod Touch, mainly for Jailbreaking purposes, and its always like finding a needle in a haystack; as soon as a new firmware comes out, every other version ever seems to disappear off of the internet. With a lot of digging, you can find the firmware you need, but its usually tedious and cumbersome.

Finally, I’ve found it; one site, with every firmware for every ipod ever. The site is called, and a page on his site hosts every iPod firmware ever, including the iPhone (all generations) as well as the iPod Touch (again, all generations).

Here’s the page!

Now that you have that page, go out and jailbreak your iPod! It’s recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists.

In other news…

I will be on vacation all next week, so I don’t expect to be writing much. Just so you know… I mean, I’m not honestly sure if it’ll make any sort of difference. Mainly because I’ll be at the beach, getting an awesome tan, and not writing all-too-frequent blog updates.

Oh, and check out a podcast I’m doing with a few friends at JustJump.In. It’s turning out to be better than I thought! I’m going to dedicate a portion of my site to it later, so keep visitinig.