Free Google Voice Beta Invites!

A Simple Way to Get an Invite

I’ve found a way to get google voice invites! And its really simple, too, if you’re funny enough. Thats right; the Google Voice Team is willing to give you a beta invite personally if you call their hotline (posted on their twitter account) and tell them something funny. Thats it! If they laugh, they’ll send you  a beta key. Simple as that! No waiting, no pleading, and no angst. You can get all the fantastic features of Google Voice, like cheap long distance calls, group ringing, visual voicemail, messag recording, and voicemail transcribing. I’m writing up a Google Voice review now… and trust me, this is something you can’t pass up.

Well, Whats the Number?
(408) 72-VOICE. Thats it! Just call it, and leave something funny. Don’t believe me? Here is the original tweet, direct from twitter;

We’re checking our (408) 72-VOICE invite hotline for funny vmail msgs, and sending out more invites next week to a select few!

And there you have it! Start making some serious (-ly funny) phone calls. Good luck!

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  • Themecreator

    Hey! that’s great x) thought it’s just a beta… Maybe we could use google voice in game when it’s out of beta :)

    But does it work? like how good?

    • Salem

      Google voice gives you a phone number that other people can call. When its called, it rings your cell phone(s) and your home phone (or whatever phone you WANT it to ring). You can have calls record, and you can be notified via email whenever you miss a call. Things like that… its pretty cool, but its not like Alltalk or Skype; that is to say that its not designed for computer-to-computer use.

  • Themecreator

    Sounds great! It’s like it almost replaces normal phones and stuff x)