Well, I want to start something new. In correlation with Twitter’s #musicmonday, I thought I’d write up a post on a song I’ve been listening to. It certainly makes tweeting about a song easier for me. I’ll either throw in a music video or a music player plugin, and I’ll try to dig up a download link. So, without further ado, the first song I’m going to review ever is…

Mimizan, by Beirut

The song is really interesting to listen to, to be honest. It has so much going on at the same time. Just listening to it, I hear an accordion, a piano, some vocals, a glockenspiel, and a drumkit. You’d think all these different instruments would just make some sort of elaborate cacophony, but Beirut makes it work pretty damn well. Check it out;

If you want to download the song, you can download it here.

Its a good song… Its a little short for my tastes, and the ending leaves something to be desired, but its still a fantastic song, and is definitely wort the listen. Check it out when you get a chance.

Dark was the Night

I’d like to say a little bit about the album. The album, “Dark was the Night,” is a compilation album done as an HIV/AIDS benefit fundraiser, and is jam-packed with awesome songs. If you get a chance, get the album; its going to a good cause, after all. I believe they’re also auctioning tickets to their next concert, so check out their website here.

  • http://nordic-legends.com Themecreator

    blæh xD It was too noisy for me ^^ Those drumbs, and that voice :S well, better luck next time :D (That was my opinion)

    • http://www.technoheads.org Salem

      You’re totally entitled to it :D Hopefully I’ll pick something up your alley next time.

  • g(!)eoffking

    Wow this is good stuff. In fact after hearing this, I went and downloaded ‘Gulag Orkestar’. I really like how his songs seem to teeter on the edge of falling apart but never do; it keeps me engaged. Plus you can tell by his voice that he’s trying his hardest to be Jeff Buckley, but his own style kind of shines through.

    You have ecclectic enough taste in music; you seem like someone who might be an MGMT fan. Oh. And ‘Movits!’. Check them out, if you have not already done so. They’re awesome.

    • http://www.technoheads.org Salem

      I really, really need to check out movits!. I’ve heard a lot of good things… and right on the dot; I’m a huge MGMT fan. And I see what you mean with the Jeff Buckley comparison… although, to me, when I hear things like this, “Aqualung” pops up in my head. Check them out too.