my week in tweets (2009-07-12)

  • Well, Twitter, today I’m listening to Jaydiohead. #musicmonday #
  • WHOA! This #moonfruit tastes DELICIOUS! #
  • Just finished recording Episode 2 of cool :D It should be up by wednesday. #
  • Wow, what an interesting night. My laptop is now sporting a shiny new copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, and I now have unlimited vzw txting. cool. #
  • I love how both the Google Browser and the Google OS were two of the webs biggest myths until this year. #
  • I just re-installed Acid 7 Pro… now to edit that podcast of mine. #
  • I’m going to try jailbreaking my iPod (its on 2.2 right now… I want it on 3.0…) right now. I’m on Windows 7. Smart? No. Daring? Yes. #
  • Huh. My jailbroken 2.2 seems to be installing 3.0 rather nicely… before, I had to put my iPod in DFU mode for it to restore. Cool. #