Site Issues

Regrets, regrets, and regrets…

First off, I’d like to apologize for the site being down for a few days; My hosting company,, resells hosting from Apparently, Ankeservers shut Conquerhosting down, consequentially shutting down every one of their clients, including me. I’ve been meaning to switch hosting plans for a while, and this is the last straw; As soon as I can, I’m switching my hosting to and I’m migrating my domain to

Now that that’s been said…

I’m planning on starting up another giveaway to get my traffic back up, considering its dropped considerably during the 3 days the site was down. I have quite a few things to give away; a $15 dollar iTunes gift card, and a 3 day trial pass to “Day of Defeat: Source,” just to name a few things. So, stay posted, and keep in touch.



  • Themecreator

    yeah, I was wondering why the site was down a while :) but it got back and up again… you should search around to find the best hosting.. and since you are using wordpress, you should maybe look after a hosting service which offer as much uptime as possible… since you don’t have requirements like much bandwidth and webspace ect.

  • quartetmama

    Orie rocks…anyone who doesn’t listen in is missing out….nothing else to say.

    • Salem

      Do you mean “Oren Lavie?” and I think I’ll move this comment to the article on his song.