iTunes $30 Giveaway!

Because I’m shabby, I felt the need to throw out a few giveaways from time to time. This time, I’m giving away TWO $15 iTunes Giftcards! All you have to do to enter is promote my blog somehow. I have a points system set up. Below is a huge list of ways you can earn submissions for the gift card. Every time you do something, you can earn more and more submissions. When the deadline rolls around (which I’m going to set as the 20th of September, Midnight EST), I will use to pull a random ticket from your list of submissions. Make sure you enter your correct email when you post comments, so I can contact you if you’re the winner. If your email returns a “Does Not Exist” email, or you do not respond to it within a week, I will choose a second winner. Anyways, I’m willing to give submissions for almost anything that’ll get my blog a bit of publicity. Here are some ideas I came up with;

Just post a comment!  (1) (Easiest way!)
Come on. How much easier could it be? Heck, I’ll even give you a second submission if your comment is funny.

Digg this post! (2) (ALMOST easiest way)
I want this post to be ALL over Digg. Help me out here!

Tweet about this post on Twitter (1)
Everyone is tweeting these days. Fairly self-explanitory. The “Share This” link on the bottom makes tweeting this post really easy. One submission.

Join my Facebook Fan Page! (2 each)
I set up a Facebook page for my site. Check it out here, and post a comment here AND on the fan page itself once you’ve subscribed. You can find it here.

Follow me! (2 each)
Follow me, either by email or RSS , and post a comment once you have so I can check. – 2 submissions each.

Network me! (1 each)
Add me to a social network or web bookmarking site (StumbleUpon,, etc). Again, post a comment here with a link to the added submission. – 1 submission

Donate 100 Entrecard Credits (3)
If you’re an Entrecard user, you can donate Entrecard Credits to me. I’ll give you 3 submissions for every 100 you send me.

Review my blog on yours! (3)

If you review my blog, not only will you get 3 submissions, but I’ll review yours if you win! Good deal, huh? Just contact me or post a comment here, and I’ll get you your credits right away.

Post a link for my site on yours (3)
This is one of the best way to get submissions. I get a few hits, and you get 3 submissions to win the gift card!

Put an ad up for my site (5)
This is fairly straighforward; if you’re a blogger, put an image ad for my site up on your site. I can provide images if you need. Just click the “Contact” tab on the top of this page. For this, I award 5 submissions.

If you come up with a better idea for ways to promote my blog, I’ll add it to the list above AND give you 1 submission for free. Just contact me, and I’ll respond as soon as I can. So, comment up, promote my blog, and you might be the owner of $15 iTunes Dollars!

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  • Christopher

    Me want one!

  • Steven

    come on salem, you better give it to me.

    and btw, aren’t you supposed to be home sick???

    • Steven

      i also posted on the fan page

    • Salem

      Yeah. Doesn’t mean I don’t have access to a computer :D

  • Erica

    im commenting.

    • Salem

      Good for you, erica. I guess I have to let you in this one, don’t I? :D

  • Alicia


  • MattRoss

    jesus salem you’re ridiculous I think I’ll be home for the first PYSO concert! :D

    • Salem

      You better be. I worked WAY to hard on the Elgar for you to bail XD

  • Themecreator

    ah.. I just arrived back from vacation :) hope it isn’t too late for the giveaway thing ^^

    Just post a comment! (1) (Easiest way!) – O_o I posted a post!

    Digg this post! (2) (ALMOST easiest way) –

    Tweet about this post on Twitter (1) –

    Join my Facebook Fan Page! (2 each) – sorry… In my opinion, facebook doesn’t excist to show images of yourself to people you don’t know.. ;)

    Follow me! (2 each) – follows you with google account and xml… (have done it since I started reading your blog) tried that email thing too, but didn’t recive any comfirmation mail from feedburner, so I’m not sure if I’m getting email from you or not…

    Network me! (1 each) – havn’t got any network stuff

    Donate 100 Entrecard Credits (3) – dunno what entrecard even is :S what is it?

    Review my blog on yours! (3) havn’t got any blog, but have already told my members at the nordic legends, about your blog ^^

    Post a link for my site on yours (3) – you know where you find it xD it have been there since the last contest…

    Put an ad up for my site (5) – I added an image of your blog too, under voting box (soon will be replaced with friend sites or something)

    so.. that my participing in this contest :) keep up the good work ! love reading monday music ^^

    • Salem

      Glad you’re such an enthusiastic follower! haha
      Lets see….
      1+2+1+4+3+5 makes… 16 submissions 0_o thats quite a lot there. Good luck, although I’m not sure you’ll need it at this rate :D

  • Max


  • g(!)eoffking

    I believe I should win just for this:

    Is facebook a legit site for me to link here?

  • hdberk

    Salem if you don’t give me the gift card, I will tell Cheryl you pooped in the microwave at work.

    • Salem

      And I’ll tell her why half of her stack of dual layer dvd’s are gone. :D You now have one submission.

  • A_Wang

    Comment #1
    I’m wondering why most of the page is in various shades of gray, yet there’s a dancing person in front of a hot pink background.

    • Salem

      Only because hot pink is the best color ever. Thats why.

  • Salem

    Winners have been chosen! If you received an email with an iTunes code, activate it and let me know you got it :D Thanks to everyone who applied!