#MusicMonday – Kandi

Ok, tweeters and bloggers, this week’s pick is courtesy of Starbucks. Thank you, Starbucks, for handing out free iTunes song vouchers that don’t suck (to put it lightly).

This week’s song is called “Kandi” by One eskimO. The video was done by the great guys down at Warner Premiere, and I think they did a fantastic job animating the video (although I mistook the Eskimo’s eyes for his eyebrows for half of the video…. meh). Regardless, the video is available at Starbucks all today and tomorrow. You can pick up a free voucher to download the music video (which is categorized as a tv show, which I find strange) at their counter. Its usually by the checkout. Regardless, the video is also highly accessible via youtube. Here’s the highest quality video I could dig up. You better enjoy it.


I kinda like the vocals. Its a little repetitive, but there are subtle changes (like the periodic strings, and an organ that pops up from time to time). And heck, it was free. I’ve gotta admit, its not the best thing I’ve ever reviewed, but its not horrible either. And its a rather cute video. Again, thats not enough to get me to listen to it regularly. I’m not apt to staring at my iPod screen while I’m running around, and frankly, without the video, the song becomes rather boring.

If you missed the chance to get a voucher, I have one lying around here somewhere. Just post a comment or contact me and I’ll send it to you.

  • http://dailyhero.fragrush.com Themecreator

    hm… not a bad song… It was kinda nice with peaceful music… and indeed nice music vid :)