Valve announces launch of L4D Map in DLC!

“Well, its about time!”

To appease the hoards of Left 4 Dead fans, irritated beyond belief at the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2, Valve announced a huge chunk of Downloadable Content (DLC) to be released “early fall”, as they stated early this August. This is the latest ‘big update’ since the launch of the L4D Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing the community to create maps and campaigns (many of which have been pretty good, if I do say so myself). As we all know, Valve is good for two things; releasing quality content, and building up ridiculous amounts of hype without really trying. This being said, they’ve announced the launch date of the DLC as being September 29th, 2009.

Here’s the ‘Campaign Poster’


“The hell is it?”

The campaign, meant to ‘bridge the gap’ between the helicopter escape off the top of Mercy Hospital in “No Mercy” to the beginning of “Death Toll,” where you start out on an abandoned highway riddled with old abandoned cars. With a new campaign comes new Survival maps, a “streamlined versus mode,” (I suppose we’ll find out what Valve means by that later), and some “cool cinematics.” Plus, we’ll get to hear Francis groan about how he hates everything (besides vests).

“Whats it gonna run me?”

What about pricing, you say? Here’s a quote from;

All this for the asking price of … $0? Oh, but that’s on PC only, friend. If you’ve waged war on the reanimated dead via your Xbox 360, you’ll be paying 560 ($7 Earth bucks) for the privilege of adding “Crash Course” to your repertoire

So, pretty much nothing too unexpected… I’m just a little shocked that Valve is charging for the Xbox DLC… they usually release it for free (like they did with the Team Fortress 2 updates). Sorry, Xbox-ers.


Regardless, keep posted, and check back here for more news on L4D and L4D2 as it becomes available. I’m a huge fan of this game, so I’m (naturally) going to spread the word about any major update as soon as I hear about it, so check back often. Or, even better, subscribe! This way, you’ll get news, and I know how many people actuall read this blog. Also, if you play L4D, and want to play with me some time, friend me on Steam. My ID is Pulse12, and I go by “[ARS] Pulse”.

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