I got a Google Wave invite!

I figure that since this is my blog, I’d share some little blurbs of things that’ve been going on with me more often. Here’s the first of many of these future “mini” posts to come…

I just received a Google Wave private beta invite! I didn’t really completely understand what it was until trying it out. After tinkering with it for about half an hour, going through its many tutorial videos, I managed to get a good general feel for it. Here’s what it is in a nutshell:


Allow me to try and make sens of my diagram here. As you can see, there are 3 users, all of which want to collaborate on a project of some sort. Normally, they’d all have to use email, IM, or whatever else you want to try and collaborate and bring all different kinds of data to a common ground. Wave eliminates all this, allowing people to interchange anything from text, to video, to even map locations, all over a “wave”. You can create different waves for different projects, making things really simple, really straightforward. Its rather nice. As soon as I get beta keys, I will give them away here, on my blog! But until I get invited to google’s “Beta Invite” wave, I’m stuck. Oh well. Expect a video soon!

Check out Google Wave