Demonoid Offline Update!

This is just an update on the “offline” status of the popular torrent tracker, As everyone knows the site has been down for a while due to power outages destroying some of their crucial hardware. The site, contrary to popular belief, is NOT going to be shut down for good. The staff is working hard to try to bring it back online, and there is no way they would completely pull the plug.

Secondly, do not trust any social networking site that claims to have an “Official Page.” Demonoid has no such page, and while there may be fan groups and the like, there is no official site (apart from that publishes data relating to the status of

Further, know that the tracker is up and running, meaning that torrent files tracked by will once again work, and that all those 3rd party temporary tracker links people had been using before are no longer needed. This is a really good sign, as it shows that the site is still alive and kicking.

Oh, and on a side note, “Iwouldn’” pushed a video that seemed rather pertinent, about file sharing. Its a spoof off of the one pushed by some big media company, and encourages “sharing.” Its a rather interesting cop-off, so take a look.