Chrome for Mac: Review

Today, I got my hands on a Macbook, installed Chrome, and played around with it for a good solid hour, trying to cram in as much stuff as I could in the time I had with it. Man, I seriously need a virtual Mac or something.

How is it?


It's finally here!

Chrome comes with most of the goodies its Windows sibling has, like its ridiculously fast speed and lightweight size. While it is still slightly slower than Safari (by roughly 12%) in a general benchmarking test, it still has a boot time that can’t be beat; As one friend put it, “I just clicked on it, and its like the internet was just… there.” Chrome, as it stands, can render Javascript 10x faster than Opera 10, and 4x faster than the latest Firefox build, which is certainly saying something. On Windows, Chrome is still heralded as the fastest browser available.


Probably the absolute best feature in Chrome is its “Omnibox,” the word for Google’s new address bar. You can search almost any site from it. Try it out; Type something random into it, and it’ll search it with whatever your search engine is (Of course, Google by default). But wait, there’s more! Type in any website you’ve visited and searched something on, and after typing it in, hit tab; then, just type whatever you want, and it will search the site for it. It’s really, really helpful.

Chrome still has its famous site-specific browser feature available, making webapps ridiculously easy to access; just hit “File,” and select “Create Application Shortcut” to pin any webapp to your desktop. How easy is that? Now,, Google Docs, and ScreenToaster are all available, right from my laptop, in a nice, discreet window.

One thing that Chrome has been known for is keeping every tab in a separate process, meaning that when one tab crashes, that tab and ONLY that tab crashes. This really helps if you often find yourself on sites with poorly coded javascript, for example, that would usually just crash your entire browser. As for safety, there have been many instances in which Google Chrome as alerted me when I try to view a fake site, or a site with a known history of malicious content. In that respect, Chrome always has my back.

Make sure to check out the Google Chrome videos, explaining its features with a variety of interesting personifications.



Finally, finally, you can use ctrl+tab to switch between tabs. I’ve been waiting so long for this shortcut, it’s not even funny. Safari has yet to add it, which is a huge bummer; I think  the only way to switch between tabs is command+shift+left/right, which is really annoying, especially since I’m so used to just ctrl+tabbing through my web pages. You should see my computer; at any given time, I have something like 10 or 11 tabs open, although recently I’ve been keeping it down around 5.

Also, check this out; close a tab, and then hit command+shift+t; it pulls up the tab you just closed. I use that SO often. There are so may times that I’ve closed tabs on myself, its not even funny.

Whats next?

While Chrome for Mac doesn’t support themes or plugins, like the Windows version does, Google has promised to roll out updates for plugin support, as well as things like themes and speed increases. After all, their ultimate goal is to create the fastest, easiest to use browser. Because of restrictions in Apple’s software platform, we might never get to see little interface things, like having all the menu items contained in a “Pages” or “Tools” icon, as in the Windows version. I highly recommend downloading it. In fact…

Download Google Chrome here!

  • Michael Aulia

    My reader told me that there is a hack to enable the plugins/extensions on the Google Chrome for Mac. Can't remember on the top of my head though

    • Salem

      Whoa, if you ever find out how, please let me know. That could be really
      useful! I remember manually adding plugins to Chrome a while ago, but I'm
      not sure if the same method applies to Mac, so I'm stumbling around in the
      dark as of right now.

  • themecreator
    It seems like this guy has a solution of the problem :)

    btw. Nice new theme you have found! Very interesting indeed. You may want to justify the margins a bit, just like 5-10 px…

    • Salem

      You mean for the commenting section? Yeah, I'm trying to fix it. But you do
      like the theme, though? I'll be writing a post on it soon.

  • Salem

    You mean for the commenting section? Yeah, I'm trying to fix it. But you do
    like the theme, though? I'll be writing a post on it soon.