Google Wave Beta Invite Giveaway!


Anyone who has signed up for an invite should know that I will be pulling winners by the 20th of this month. Additionally, if anyone wants a second chance at winning beta invites, check out my friend’s blog at for additional beta invites.

I’m giving away 10 Google Wave Beta Invites! Thats right; 10 lucky people will get Google Wave beta invites, courtesy of myself. I feel like when I’m low on post ideas and visitors, the best way to snag a few extras is to give free stuff away. Besides, I like giving out free stuff; what am I going to do with all these invites anyways? It’s not like I have friends or anything (whatever those are).

Google Wave is a communication program aimed at making it easy and simple to collaborate with multiple people. There’s really no other way to describe it besides to direct you to my quick review on it or to point you to the site, which has a nice introductory video on Google Wave and what it’s about.

This giveaway is going to work a little different than the ones I’ve done in the past. To be submitted in this contest, you’ll need to do one of two things: tweet the post, or digg it.

1. Tweet this post!

All you’ll need to do to tweet this post is to click the big “Tweet this now!” button below, and clicking the “Update” button to post the tweet. Thats it! If you win, I’ll send you a message on twitter.

Tweet this now!

If you submit, I’ll follow you, so that’s an added bonus. Plus, if you post your twitter account name in the comments section, I’m sure other viewers would be happy to follow you.

Get on twitter, log in, and then click the image create a tweet with a link to this post. Its that easy!

2. Digg this post.

A horribly easy way to get another submission is to Digg this post. Again, all you have to do is click the big button below, and click “Digg this”.  Oh, and make sure you have a Digg account, too. You’ll need one of those. Reagardless, digging is really easy, and takes one click. Go for it! You might just win.

Tweet or Digg this post now!

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  • Sam H

    just re-tweeted it

  • ejavega

    I want an invitation !!!!.
    Then I let my invitations available on this blog

    • Salem

      I'd love to do that for you, but if everyone who wanted an invite tried to
      do that, I couldn't keep track of everything, let alone be able to give all
      those invites out :( Just digg or tweet this post! I might be getting more
      invites soon anyways, so I might end up giving out 20 invites instead of 10.

  • themecreator

    Ah… Long time since last update… Good to see you continue ^^
    Does it matter if I both tweet it and digg it? tweeted it and will ofc digg it too ;)

    btw. May I ask what's the name of the plugin you have used for comment system?
    (hope I get an invite :D I bet I watched the google wave movie at least 3 times… (it last for over one hour :S))

    • Salem

      Of course I'm still blogging! I've just been busy recently.
      The commenting system I've been using is called Disqus, and it's been really
      helpful. Try it out!

      And of course you can tweet and digg this; you'll get 2 submissions, instead
      of one.

      • themecreator

        btw. have you stopped with the monday song or what you called it? I havn't seen any recently monday song posts…

        • Salem

          Yeah, I've noticed that; invites take as long as a week to receive, which is
          so strange.

  • Aerocrane

    Tweeted it.
    And digged it.

    • Salem

      Great! Thanks a ton.

      • Aerocrane

        I might get a invite from my friend, and if I get one, I will post here, so if I would win here I wouldn't be selling it on E-Bay :D

        • Salem

          That's very thoughtful of you! If you'd really want me to, I can remove you
          from the runnings if you get an invite from your friend.

          • Aerocrane

            Just thinking, my friend said that it might take a long time until you actually receive the invite email, so just to warn you.

  • Christopher Tran

    Tweeted long ago.

  • Firewolf
  • themecreator

    But have you quited the monday songs?

    • Salem

      You know, I haven't done one in a while. I have to work on that. Right now,
      I'm working on a few things which have taken time away from my blog, but its
      still very much here.

      • themecreator

        yeah, you are still pretty good on updating it :D If you got the time, I'm saying if cause it loads of stuff that got to be done irl, you should start up the monday song thing :D Keep up the good work ^^

        • Salem

          As per your request…. #MusicMonday is back :D

          • themecreator

            yay! :D thanks mate!

  • yaza

    where your promise?

    • Salem

      I figure that I will give the invites out on the 10th of december, so as to
      give everyone ample time.

  • Hari

    Please send one invite for Google Wave

  • jez

    oh wow, you really get a lot of comments and interaction here. thanks for the link and cross reference to my google wave post, I will of course do you the same favour now. with all the exams and studies going into their final stage in late december/january I have still not found enough time to do the most with my site, needless to say the themes that need an urgent redoing. best,

    • Salem

      Many thanks for the link-back! And if you ever need anything from me, know
      I'm always here. Honestly, your theme is *really* looking impressive
      already; I can't wait to see how it looks once its all put together!

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  • Beo

    How come your giving away 200 Battle Funds? Seems like an interesting site.

    • Salem

      I gave them away a while ago, mate. I don't have any giveaways running right
      now, but if you have any ideas, let me know. I feel as though I haven't
      given enough stuff away recently.

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