#MusicMonday – Carol Of The Bells (Starchild Excalibur Drumadelic Remix)

Sample THIS!

The London Festival Orchestra, in full battle array.

Quite a mouthful, isn’t it? I figured, it being Christmas week and all, that I’d do a few Christmas-y pieces, just to liven things up. Now, don’t get me wrong; typically, I loathe Christmas music, with its repetitive overplayed-ness. I can’t take it. Thankfully, I’ve gotten my hands on an old CD that my parents apparently picked up at Old Navy, of all places, that has some really cool remixes of Christmas music. This one is an awesome remix of the classic Carol of the Bells, by the London Festival Orchestra (remixed by Starchild Excalibur). While the original song is set to a 3/4 beat, the remix adds a 4/4 beat in the background, making it really cool to listen to. Check it out.

Oh, and if the music player tells you you’re only listening to a 30 second clip, just hit “Add” and you can hear the full thing for free. Don’t worry, if it asks you to sign in, make an account. You can trust Lala.

More about the song.

Now then, the first thing I wondered when I heard this song was, “Who is Starchild Excalibur?” The song’s ‘artist’ is apparently the “London Festival Orchestra,” but it doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that they were just the orchestra sampled in the song. The best I could dig up on “Starchild Excalibur” was his alleged Myspace Page. I figured it was the same person, seeing as the mp3’s on the page sounded good. Incidentally, I also found a song by the “Handsome Boy Modeling School,” a DJ duet that I’ve been listening to a lot of recently, featuring “Starchild Excalibur.” Listen to that, too, if you get a chance. It’d be so much easier to find out more about this guy if he had a page on Wikipedia. The lack therein leads me to believe he is either A. obscure, B. bad (not by my count), or C. goes by a different name.

I’m thinking next Monday, being only 3 days after Christmas, deserves another Christmas remix, and then I’ll give ’em a rest until next year. Anyways, keep posted, keep listening, and merry Christmas (or a belated Hanukkah).

On a side note, if you dare try to invite me to “Christmas” on Facebook, I’ll forward all my spam to you for a year.