Heh, this certainly made me laugh.

I got a comment from someone recently, and its the third or fourth such comment since the site started. Take a look:

you’re site sucks d**k. you need to learn how to do s**t before doing it. and you are so f****d up. your about me is g*y and the way you right is like a f*g.

How quaint. Let me see… First off, “You’re” means “You are,” which doesn’t make sense. I believe he meant to say “Your,” or at least thats what I’d hope. Second off, he certainly doesn’t have a shift key, or he’d capitalize the beginnings of his sentences. And I need to learn to… do s**t before doing it? That really makes sense. Oh, and I apparently “right” strangely. Hey, at least I know my grammar fairly well.

Now then…

Now, to scare whoever wrote this a bit. I know that you’re local. I know you use Comcast. I know your IP. You are not anonymous just because you say your email is “[email protected]”. If I get another comment like this, I might just file a harassment complaint, or block you, or a combination of the two. If you don’t like my site, tell me how to fix it, or get out. I don’t have time to publicly humiliate you every time you make a fool of yourself. So, do us all a favor and knock it off.

Everyone else, sorry for this post, but I really get tired of this kinda stuff. It gets on my nerves.

  • christophertran

    Ahahahaha. This person isn't even smart enough to use the most obvious stealth methods out there.

    • http://technominds7.com/ neel

      Yeah, I know. He didn’t even have the brains to use a remote proxy or something as simple as that. Hahahaha

    • http://hiimmaxiwrite.com/ Butthead

      You can just say “proxy,” you know — it's no big secret.

  • http://chromestory.com/ dinu

    I like ur attitude :)

  • themecreator

    Quite interesting :D I like the way he uses “You are” instead of “Your”… It really makes sense

  • http://hiimmaxiwrite.com/ Butthead

    You can just say “proxy,” you know — it's no big secret.

  • http://technoheads.org Salem

    Nah, there are more ways than proxies to filter/block IP's. Like coffee shops.