New Mobile Google Voice!


Recently, I went to check my Google Voice account on my iPod Touch and noticed that they had a totally new interface. No longer is the interface old, crusty, and un-useful. All your conversations are easily viewable, and, like the computer interface, conversations are clustered together, with older text messages hidden. And, better yet, you can CALL people from your device now (that is, if its been activated as a phone on Google voice). You pretty much have all the functionality that you have on the computer interface, plus a bigger number pad.

The one thing that did briefly trip me up is that when you log on; Google asks you for your device’s number. If you are on a phone that isn’t registered with your Google Voice account, select “This phone’s number is not listed,” which will allow you to proceed to your inbox.

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Why is this funny?

Well, way back when (i.e. a month or two ago), Google made a really really great iPhone app for Google Voice. Granted, there had been a jailbroken one for a while, but thats another story for another time. Apple (or AT&T) saw this, thought it would kill their bandwidth and hurt their phone service, and so veto’d the app. Google promised to release a webapp with the full functionality of the appstore app. And they did. Go google.

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