Host web apps with Microsoft /web!

Microsoft recently launched a service, called “/web” that lets anyone host their own web applications or content management systems (like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal). They’ve made a really, really easy setup to get you started hosting your own website.

Microsoft, I like this.

Want to start hosting on your computer?

All you need to do to get started is to follow the huuuuuge “get started” button on “” and download the Web Platform Installer (or Web PI). The platform installer will let you browse through all the offered web apps, check your system to see if you have everything you need to host the software, and guide you through an installation of all the individual components. It’s a great way to host a small site or blog from your own computer. Don’t expect to host a site that is expecting a lot of hits or downloads, as you probably don’t own a high-speed line or a full-fledged web server.

What’s available?

Here are some of the apps offered.

I think I might just set up an Amplifeeder site for myself, just for kicks. If anyone else uses /web, post a link! I’m sure everyone would love to see your site (myself included).