Whats new?

Sorry ’bout that.

First off, I’m really, really sorry for not posting recently. I’ve been pretty swamped with various performances and concerts, so things on my site have been slower than I’d like. I also know someone’s going to tell me that I don’t owe my readers an apology. I guess it’s just a bad habit of mine. 


I’m also working on a forum. This way, all your little questions about Battlefield Heroes or iPod Touches won’t get swallowed up by the other comments. Annnnnd thats all for this paragraph.


I’ve created a Formspring.me account. Ask me anything you want; I’ll be putting a link to it at the top of the site at some point, just for fun. I’m almost afraid to see what questions you guys will ask.


Last but not least, I know everyone likes it when I give stuff away. I’ve been asked to do a review of a piece of software, in exchange for 11 copies of it. I plan to give 10 of those copies away to you lot. So, check in often, and maybe you’ll be one of the first to sign up to win a copy. Read often (hopefully I’ll actually have some content for you to look at).

Check out my Formspring.me page.


Also, its about time I get a new profile picture/logo, if anyone has any suggestions.