Appologies, more to come.

I’ve been swamped, mates. I’ve been practicing cello like a crazy person, and apparently I’ve qualified for the “All-East” competition. Hey, practicing does pay off.


All right, All right. Sheesh.

Anyways, you guys can expect these posts soon, in order of likeliness:

  • What is wrong with classical music?
  • Software Review
  • Software Giveaway
  • How To: Multitask, right now, on your iPhone/iPod Touch like on the Palm Pre.
  • iTunes Giveaway *(again)*

I leave you with this.

This is a fantastic pitch.

4chan + Selling a computer = lulz

  • themecreator

    Didn't quite understand the poster ^^ any explaination, or is this some kind of mystery, which we have to solve? ^^

    • Salem

      It's a really, really funny pitch from a guy selling his computer.

  • technominds

    love the poster salem!

    • Salem

      haha thanks.

  • Tuomas Jokinen

    Reddit + Selling a computer = lulz


    • Salem

      Thought some of u would find it funny.

  • Salem

    Thought some of u would find it funny.