iPad jailbroken, new model announced!

See that "root#"? That means that my interest in the iPad just doubled.

Thats right. It’s been roughly 24 hours since the release of the iPad jailbreak, and it is already jailbroken. What does it mean to be jailbroken? It means that all the files on the iPod can be edited and modified, new files can be created and deleted… Essentially, its file system has been unlocked, or “Jailbroken.” The dev team that engineered the iPhone/iPod touch 3.1.3 jailbreak used the same security loophole to jailbreak the iPad. They ran an SSH server on the device, and then wirelessly logged in through a computer.

Here is the initial tweet announcing it all.

New iPad specs leaked?

According to the Dev Team, a new iPad is already in development. According to an informant, the device will be slightly smaller and will have a speech codec, probably to support audio streaming in things like voice calls. So, think iPad mini with voice (maybe even video) chat.

Here’s a quote from the site.

The iPhone DevTeam has been passed confidential internal information relating to the next version of the tablet computer the ‘iPad’. An upcoming redesign of the iPad tablet computer will miniaturize the device so that it will be able to be carried on the user’s person (such as a pocket or small bag). Also a radical move to add a minimum of a 13 kbits/s speech codec to the miniaturized tablet variant is planned.

The inclusion of the voice codec will allow the user to directly utilize the GSM nomadic network, allowing person to person communications directly using your mini-iPad from anywhere dramatically speeding up the usual typed email or instant messaging capabilities that the iPad offers today.

It is the plan of the iPhone DevTeam to target this device as soon as it is released.

Click here for the Dev Team’s website.