Muse + Jay-Z: Something More to Say

Reposted from September 19, 2009

You’ve gotta listen to this.

So, after doing some listening to Muse’s new album, “The Resistance” (released on Tuesday), I decided that one of the songs, called “Undisclosed Desires,” had a pretty interesting hip-hop-ish beat. After thinking for a little, I wondered if any of Jay-Z’s songs from his “A Capella” album matched up with the Muse song. Sure enough, “What More Can I Say” fit like a glove. Naturally, I wanted to smash both songs together as best I could, so I threw them both into Sony Acid Pro 7.o and played around with them for an evening or so. What did I get? I got a little piece I like to call “Something More to Say.” I am rather impressed with it; Its nothing insane, and I’ll never be as good as, say, GirlTalk or DangerMouse, but at least its something to keep me entertained for a while, right? Regardless, here’s the song. Have a listen, and let me know what you think.

Warning: The song contains adult lyrics that might not be suitable for younger people. And if you’re a younger person, why are you even ON this site? Go play with Legos.


Share it up!

I slapped a  Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License on the song, so share it as much as you want, edit it (if you really want to), just don’t try to sell it, and just mention that I made it. Seriously, spread the word, mess with it as much as you want, do whatever; isn’t that what the internet is for? So, share it up, do whatever. I believe the content used in this song is covered under fair use, and if I am in any way, shape, or form, infringing on copyright laws, my sincerest apologies, and maybe we can work something out. If you want to download the song, just click here! How hard was that?

Additionally, check out the video here.


Review me!

It does me no good to have a song on my site and have NO one tell me whats wrong with it. So, post a comment, be brutally honest, whatever you want. I just want to know what people think of the song. As of right now, I’ve already modified the song to match some people’s critiques and fix some leveling issues (the bass at 0:56 in the song is way too heavy, and causes the song to ‘crunch’).


Download the song (right click and select “Save As”)
View my album art.
The bare-bones drum loop I used (and modified)

  • Mike Boylan

    Super job man. It sounds fantastic!

  • g(!)eoffking

    Ever since I started listening to Jaydiohead I’ve definitely been more interested in this type of song meshing, and I definitely appreciate more the skill it takes to do one of these, so thanks for that.
    And in line with your instructions on facebook, I’m gonna be brutally honest.
    My favorite Jaydiohead song is No Karma, and I’ve noticed there are some major similarities between that one and yours. For one, Karma Police has the same structure as Undisclosed Desires, and the way that Maestro Tannone (I bet he’d hate being called that) meshed them is also extremely similar. But I think what makes his better than yours is how precisely the lyrics match the beat. This is really the only criticism I’ve got for you.
    There are only a couple places where the phasing started to bug me:
    “they don’t [small pause] paint pictures”
    around 1:45
    just before the chorus at 2:14

    Besides that, I’ve only got one other thing, but it’s completely subjective. Another aspect of No Karma that I like is the way that the background textures get increasingly more complex until the last verse, where they go back down. You’ve got something similar going on here, but I think it would emphasize the later verses if the first one was a little less busy.

    Besides that I think you’ve got a damn near perfect song.
    Hope this helps man. Keep posting, I’ll keep listening.

  • 1337 Zombie Killer

    This remix is very nice.
    Oh, and you should make an post about this at the muse forums.

    • Salem

      Thats a fantastic idea! Maybe it’ll help spread the word around… I also just did a second one, which you can hear a rough draft of here, if you’re interested:

      • Aerocrane

        The second one is quite good too, but I prefer the first one, for now at least.
        (And I created an Disqus account, posted the 3rd comment under a stupid name and now i have a better name)

  • FlyingSuitcase

    The second one is quite good too, but I prefer the first one, for now at least.
    (And I created an Disqus account, posted the 3rd comment under a stupid name and now i have a better name)