Today’s April Fools Jokes.

Youtube releases TEXTp.

It saves tons of bandwidth.

Watch a video here. or add “&textp=foolto the end of most video URL’s.

Google renames itself to “Topeka.”

Check it out.

Read about it.

(I don’t think they did a particularly good job of it, though. All the search pages still say “”.)

Google Wave wave notifications!

Now, you can have a real person notify you of a Wave!

Check it out.

Mike Arrington releases the “CrunchPad Kit!”

Since the CrunchPad failed before it even took its first steps, Arrington has released a $50 kit to turn any laptop into a portable touchscreen device.

Check it out. Everyone is an administrator!

Just sign in, and the site is at your control. NOTE: doesn’t actually do anything. is now a UNIX terminal.

Don’t worry, it isn’t impossible to navigate for the average user.

Check it out.

…I’ll let you figure this one out yourself.

Check it out.

4Chan now has Facebook Connect


Check it out.

Google Voice announces Voicemail Standard Mode!

Check your voicemail just like you used to!

Check it out.

ThePirateBay goes retro!

A nice, retro look for the ever-popular torrent tracker, with a twist

Check it out.

Google Books goes 3D!

Now, view any image on Google Books in stunning 3D. All you need are a pair of nifty 3D glasses.

Check it out.

Everything I missed?

It’s probably on TechCrunch somewhere.