Immunet 2.0: Antivirus just keeps getting better.

Awhile ago, I did a write-up of this interesting, cloud-based antivirus software called Immunet. It was fascinating to me because, unlike other antivirus software I had seen, it did all it’s authentication and scanning in the cloud. Ooooh. That means that instead of taking up all that processing power on YOUR computer, it sends file properties to a cloud, where they are processed, examined, and spit back to your computer with a pass or a fail. But…

It just got better.

THAT’S RIGHT. Immunet 2.0 is out, public, and fantastic with a new community feature, making fighting virii even more fun.

How it works

Alright, this is kinda neat. Like most antivirus programs, it works by running two kernel drivers. One driver monitors files, while the other monitors the program itself to make sure it’s still working. Additionally, it saves space, time, and speed by only monitoring disk activity, like program installations and executions. But the majority of the scanning takes place online, which

By default, the program will block programs after they’ve been executed or files after they’ve been moved, but you can set the program to check everything before it takes any action which, according to Immunet, will only take 200 ms per check. That’s damn fast.Any new virii detected on your computer are added to the cloud, so the more people that use Immunet, the better each individual person is protected. The idea is that as viruses get more and more advanced, the Immunet network will adapt to match them, all-the-while providing light and responsive client software to its users.

On top of that, Immunet has added this neat community feature, allowing you to track how many viruses you’ve stopped. You can add friends to your “network” to increase protection between your computers. You even get a score based on how many threats your computer has stopped and how many people are connected to “your network.” If you want, grab a copy of Immunet, drop me a comment and I’ll add you to my network.


Speaking of fast, the program runs two different kinds of scans. One is a typical file scan, which works well. The other is a “flash scan,” which scans only active files and processes to see if your computer is actively being influenced/impacted by a viral process. It’s super fast. They’ve ranged from a minute to three minutes.

It only takes 200 milliseconds (1/5 a second) to send a request to the cloud, process it, and have it sent back to your computer. Just saying.

Compatibility and cost

The software will run on ANYTHING with a screen and a keyboard, I swear to God. You pretty much need a computer that will run your operating system: If you have Windows XP, the minimum processor speed is 300 Mhz. I haven’t seen a computer that slow since… well, never. It only needs a quarter of a gig of ram, and it takes up 10 MB of hard-drive space. Seriously. If your computer turns on, it will run Immunet. You do need a dedicated internet connection to connect to the cloud, though, and part of the software’s display is powered by Internet Explorer 7, so you do need to have at least IE 7 installed. The software displays how much processing power and memory it’s using on the side of it’s panel, so you always know how efficiently it’s performing.

Better yet, Immunet will run with virtually any other antivirus program without causing any sort of interference. I have it running with a copy of Norton 360, and it hasn’t conflicted at all. However, Immunet itself does in fact function very well as a stand-alone antivirus program. It can run full-system tests, and it monitors computer activity, just like a normal antivirus program would.

There is a paid version of Immunet, which I’d highly recommend buying. It allows for offline scans and rootkit removal, making it more of a stand-alone antivirus program. It also scans and protects your emails, IM’s, and archived files. It’s $20 for a 1 year subscription for 1 computer, but if you add on years or computers, the cost per computer per year goes down pretty sharply.  To protect 3 computers for the next 2 years, I’d only have to pay $40. That’s a pretty good deal.


Alright, my only critique about the software is that while it’s incredible, it doesn’t have a ton of users (compared to other antivirus companies). That’s where you can help. Download Immunet for FREE and start really protecting your computer.

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  • themecreator

    This sounds really interesting! I think this is the way to go for antivirus stuff. I will be sure to check it out as soon as I have some time!

    • Salem

      Seriously, cloud stuff is just getting better and better.

      • Denise

        Hi Salem! Immunet is offering 50% off all purchases of Immunet Protect Plus 2.0 (with rootkit, offline, USB and email protection) with the coupon code “AUGUST” at checkout (

        • Salem

          Thanks for that! I'll be sure to spread the word.

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