iOS 4.01: Antenna fix?

I laughed so damn hard when I heard that the new iPhone drops calls and destroys recording quality, not to mention any of a whole slew of other problems (including SIM, Mic, Camera, and proximity sensor issues). To top it all off, the thing is built out of balsa wood and fillo dough. The thing’s back shatters from even a 1 foot drop, which is fairly depressing. And no, they won’t replace your iPhone if yours has shattered. Sorry.

It gets even better, though. Rumor has it that Apple has promised to fix a lot of these issues, which seem to be caused by the iPhone’s too-underthought hardware, with a firmware update. That’s like saying your computer will have a bigger hard drive after you finally upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows XP. Granted, it’s a huge rumor, and Apple could certainly dispel a lot of criticism by announcing their progress. But when Apple tells people how to hold their phones correctly, under penalty of dropping their calls, things get a little ridiculous.

Does anyone else think this is recall territory? I mean, really?

  • Themecreator

    Sounds quite strange, if you ask me ^^, I loved the part when Apple told the iphone 4g users not to hold the iphone tilted to the left :D They said it would make the iphone loose connection, but the point is that all games, and many applications, uses the Iphone when it's tilted to the left…

  • Themecreator

    It seems like I missunderstood a bit.. The case is that when you hold the iphone in your hand, like when you are calling someone, you fingers blocks the signals, and your calls will be dropped.

    But it seems like it has some problems when tilted to the left.. another problem.. I hope the fix most of the problems.

    btw. you should get rid of the ” must be approved of a moderator before appearing” thing… It's annoying, and takes too much time if you have to read every post before accepting it..

    • Salem

      It keeps people from spamming my blog. If you want to not be moderated, sign
      in with any of the available options. If I approve you then, you can always
      post without worrying. The issue wasn't so much with holding it in landscape
      mode, but with your finger bridging the two antennas together, ultimately
      shorting out the antenna (which is SO dumb). How did they not see that in

  • themecreator

    Okay, I'm now logged in via Disqus ^^, Approve me, cause I want my posts to show up real quick :D Btw. I didn't know spamming was a problem around here? Is it?

    Since they've already released the 4g iphone, I think I'll wait to a new updated version of the phone is comming. (They Have released the 4g iphone, havn't they? Not where I live, but in the US(?))

    Edit: It seems like my account already is approved… Now I see.. At the beginning, I thought you had removed the feature to log in, but I guess I just didn't see the drop down thing.

    • Salem

      I think you're actually already approved. And spam is a problem with EVERY
      blog. And yeah, it's out in the US. My friend has one. I think you're better
      off getting an iPhone 4 than waiting another year or two for a new one.

      • themecreator

        I see.. I just read a review by some random people, and it seems like it's a very small percentage of iphones which is sold, that has these problems.. antenna problems, brown and yellow things on the screen, and stuff. So if I'm lucky, I should get an Iphone which is just fine…

        And if I am to buy an Iphone 4g, I will definitly buy some kind of protection gear! For sure. 'Cause with glass not just at the front, but at the back too, they have doubled the chance of breaking on of the glass plates. ^^,