Music Player: What Apple didn’t tell you about iOS 4

Apple has been bragging and gloating about how fantastic iOS 4 is. It has multitasking, better speeds, and backgrounds (which, apparently, the iPhone 3G “just can’t handle”). That’s all great and everything, but they totally glossed over the fact that they revamped a lot of the music player app to look more like the mobile iTunes store. It actually looks fantastic. Plus, you can create real playlists, not just stupid on-the-go playlists (which have been removed).

  • Themecreator

    Sounds great! It's almost like I have to buy an Iphone ;) If I should buy an Iphone, should I choose 3g, 3gs or the new one, 4g?

    • Salem

      I'd wait a little. Obviously, the iPhone 4 is the “fastest and best” of the
      available iPhones. However, there are so many un-worked glitches with it
      that it's hard to tell if it's worth it yet. Besides, I don't think Apple
      is even selling any of it's older iPhone models, so you'll have to either
      get them from eBay or Amazon, or something like that.