North Carolina Congressman Assaults a Student

He's watching, damnit. He's watching.

Ok. I’m not posting this because of political preference of any sort. Rather, I’m posting this because it’s so goddamn funny.

Bob Etheridge apparently assaulted some kid in Washington. I don’t know what happened before the video, because this could have TOTALLY been taken out of context but.. well, here. Take a look for yourself.



The guy made an apology, and it was “a long day.” And, according to Etheridge, it was “almost sunset.” Now, as most of you may not know, the congressman does in fact turn into a zombie after the sun goes down, so such unprovoked acts of violence are not, in fact, uncommon.

Here’s an image of another such attack.

North Carolina’s democratic caucus has assured the public that said aggression is exaggerated, and any aggression is often mandatory for  the congressman to function properly. After all, brains are brains.