Larkin Grimm, live and in color.

There’s nothing quite like seeing an opening band, not knowing what to expect, and being absolutely blown away. The band in question, or rather, the musician, was “Larkin Grimm,” an incredibly interesting woman who plays both harp and guitar (among other things, I’m sure).

She and her two band members were opening for Rasputina last night. The band was fascinating in appearance, to say the least. Larkin and her bass player were dressed in these slightly retro skirts, while their drummer looked like an H&M model, complete with fedora and vest.I loved it. I care about stage appearance. I’m a dork like that.

Screw that, how did they sound?

Right, their music. I almost forgot. Imagine, if you will, taking the mood and lyrics of the Dresden Dolls, and forcing it upon a band like Doves. It was a sad, slightly eclectic kind of music, with a bit of a dusty, almost southwestern twist in one or two of their songs. It was very passionate, too. Some of the music they made was just an intense buildup of “acoustic noise,” as Grimm calls it in her bio.

The drummer was, in my opinion, the most interesting to watch. Rather than using drum sticks, he had what looked like thick, frayed rope, which he whipped around his drum set, creating a sort of muted, hushed sound.

The bass player has to be given credit, too. Her playing was absolutely smooth and streamline, without the slightest hint of tension. I wish I could do that. Regardless, she was also a fantastic backup singer, staying in tune with the other two members, which is something I really find fantastic in a live performance. I hate hearing a band that’s fantastic in recordings, but utterly dismal in live shows (like The Mars Volta, although I think that’s more because they’re absolutely smashed every time they do live shows).

That’s another thing; the whole group sang, which I thought was kind of neat. It’s always a bit foreign-looking to see a band in which the drum player, for example, sits there with his (or her) mouth sealed the whole time. It almost looks out of place.


After the show, they sold CD’s for “whatever you can give us.” People gave jewelry , bread, and “sometimes even money” for their CD’s. I’m sure they have quite a collection of interesting and semi-valuable trinkets by now. I got a live CD, which I’ve yet to listen to (mainly because most of the time between the concert and this post was spent sleeping).

At any rate, Larkin Grimm. Listen to her, because she loves you. Her albums are cheap, and her music is good. You don’t have very much to lose. Well, ok. Maybe you stand to lose $10, but it’s worth it.

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