Outer Spaces: DopplerPad in action

A while back, I did a review of some iPhone software called DopplerPad. The app allowed for some really interesting and manipulative 2-channel sound creation. It was essentially two synthesizers and a mixer, which was fairly interesting.

Now, a small mini-album has been released, entitled “Outer Spaces,” containing four songs made either entirely with DopplerPad, or at least in part with the software. And they aren’t bad. I was impressed that such simple software could create such interesting music.

Here, take a listen:
Outer Spaces by retronyms

The album is totally free, so you can download it here if you’d like. Hell, I even put it on my iPod. It’s worth listening to if you have a spare 20 minutes or so.

Visit the “Outer Spaces” homepage

Download the album for free

  • themecreator

    uber noisy “music”.. (my opinion)