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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
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Recently, I decided to try and monetize my blog by replacing some of my static ads with adsense ads. I’d noticed a few other blogs I read use a site called “” to facilitate their advertisements and to write a few sponsored posts. I figured that it’d be worth a shot to try out and see how I could benefit from their services. Here’s what happened.

Getting Started

Signing up was stupidly easy. All you need to sign up is a blog and an email address. They don’t ask for payment information immediately, so you can start blogging or posting ads and cash in later. As soon as you finish the registration process (which involves adding a snippet of code to your blog to verify that you do, in fact, own it), you are presented with a list of “opportunities” to connect with businesses and companies.

Connecting with Companies

Every opportunity can be placed into a variety of different categories, from “posts,” in which you write a sponsored post, to “affiliate,” in which you make a commission every time someone clicks on your ad and purchases the product. I selected a few affiliate ads to place on the side of my blog, and then opted to write this post. I figured that, in writing this post, my readers would not only understand the changes going on with my blog, but would also show what I chose as a means for advertising.

Some Cons

Nothing is perfect, and if I’m going to be writing honest reviews, I need to make sure my readers know everything there is about a product or service. This being said, SocialSpark has a few things that I don’t like. For one, there is no way to group opportunities apart from what kind of action they require of you (blog post, ad, etc.). I can’t review all “technology” offers, for example.

Secondly, there’s a bit of a learning curve. When I first saw my “opportunities,” I had know idea that “aff” was short for “Affiliate.” In that sense, SocialSpark kinda pushes you into its community, hands you a to-do list, and tells you “Go get ’em,” leaving you somewhat high and dry.


After you get over its learning curve, SocialSpark can quickly become a very valuable blogging resource. It’s definitely worth a shot, if only to see what kind of opportunities there are for you in the world of collaborative blogging. Bloggers, give it a shot. Readers, CLICK MY ADS! Only kidding.


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  • themecreator

    Interesting… Just some advice; (I guess you have added the snipp of code yourself?) Try to write target=”_blank” in the <.a'> tag. (without the . and the ' ) What this does, is to open a new window or tab so that if you click the add, you will not leave the site.

    … Do you get money for site views, or just if people click the adds?

    • Salem

      Oh wow, I totally neglected to do that. And the ads, right now, are
      “affiliate,” meaning if people click the ad and buy something, I get a

      • themecreator

        So people have to buy something? If that is the case, I would rather recommend google adsense. Money for page views and for clicks.

        Though, it might be less than if someone click and buy anything, but I bet that rarely happens.

        • Salem

          Well, for example, I'm working on a post right now. When I post it, and if
          it gets approved, I'll get $12.50. No clicks necessary.

          • themecreator

            aha… Well, that is quite interesting…